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    Thank you Ray, I'll give it try on Friday and see what happens.

    Originally posted by YellowRose View Post
    There are several ways to view various Posts made on the Forum... I start by clicking on the Blue Forums button that I see while on my PC. That takes me to a sub-heading that says Topics that is Blue. To the right of that is a button that says Latest Activity. If you click on that, that gives you a different view of what has been posted. I stick with Topics and click on that and that brings up Posts In blue and next to it Latest Activity. I stick with viewing all the posts from the Posts view and not the Latest Activity view... I just saw what jopizz posted, and thanks, John, because I did not think about that. Yes, do what John suggests and that might fix the problem. I don't use a smartphone to access the Forum so that puts me at a disadvantage. I was going to say that perhaps your cell phone provider did an update that you are unaware of that caused this problem. But there might have been an accidental change made to the Filter settings that caused it instead. Put that Bullet in Show All, and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn't see if you can use someone else's smartphone, iPhone, Samsung, and see if the same problem exists from their device... I like the names of your Beagles!


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      Rusty, read what Dave said about logging in and using or not using the Remember Me check box. Put a check mark in it the first time, but not after that... Also, Dave thinks that if you are logging in by cell phone, that might have a setting in it that automatically logs you out of what you are looking at. For example, if you look at your bank account, or credit card account online, after so many minutes of inactivity, it will log you out, in many cases. So it could be something like that going on...

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