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  • New Threat To Google Users

    Don't trust email that looks like it is from Google

    The Kim Komando Show
    by Kim Komando - in 371 Google+ circles
    4 hours ago - There's a dangerous new threat that's trying to steal your Google password. If you fall for it, hackers will have full access to your Gmail account, YouTube account, Google+ accoun. ... to your Gmail account, YouTube account, Google+ account, Google Search History and any other Google services you use.

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    Ray thanks for the thread as it is good to know
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      These virus composers are brilliant in a twisted way. I've tried to figure out why anyone would spend the time trying to destroy perfect strangers' computers but it's beyond me. Maybe there is no explanation, I don't know.

      Their goal is to render your computer useless, so you have to reload all your software. Hopefully, you have the disks and you have been backing up your pictures and letters, etc. Business owners are really at risk for obvious reasons and can't be down for long if they use their computers for business.

      BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER onto disks that you burn. Blank DVDs are cheap (like 4/$1), they store forever, they cannot be altered, and you can reload them on any computer, anywhere. The first time your hard drive crashes or you get a virus, those backup disks will pay you back in spades.

      Getting back... many times these hackers will try to encourage you mess up your own computer. They get off on this. Someone will tell you that if you have a certain program on your computer, it's a virus and you need to delete it. Do your homework before making any changes. Search around the internet for folks who already dealt with your 'problem'. Usually, Norton or McAfee will have some write-up but remember, they are always chasing behind virus writers and it takes time for them to come up with a plan.

      God forbid you get a virus but it really isn't the end of the world IF you are prepared. The most foolproof way to get rid of worms, Trojan horses, viruses, etc., is to re-format your hard drive and reload your operating system. Why? Because many viruses delete your files and simply replace with their own, in many places on your hard drive. A simple fix is not always possible because they destroyed your files. Wiping your drive clean also wipes viruses off.

      If you do have a virus, use this opportunity to buy a much larger or faster drive if space is running out. You can always keep the old drive as a backup, but make sure you format it.

      Right now, a 3-terabyte internal SATA drive costs $84.00.
      To put things in perspective;
      Even if you think you will never need a drive this big, there are advantages just having one in your computer. They take no more power to run and they usually access files faster than the smaller/older drives. Get one before re-loading all that software. - Dave
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