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    I had to restart my computer and when logging in today I noticed in the block to enter my password was a small icon that looked like an eye at the far right end of the block. (It was a dot with a parenthesis symbol horizontal over the dot.) I have not noticed that before, is this something new or do I have a problem?

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    Log in & PW

    Here is what Microsoft had to say about this little green eye on a Forum.

    "It is a new feature for the new IE10. (However, I am NOT running IE10, but IE9).

    IE10 for Windows 7 has just been introduced by Microsoft about, a month ago. (Posted March 20, 2013). (I AM running Win7 though).

    It is applicable to all sites that require password.

    Wherever you need to sign in with your password, you will see this " eye ".

    If you click on the "eye" and hold it, your complete password will appear in the box.

    I supposed it is used if you suddenly have a mental lapse."

    Supposedly, if you left click on the eye, you can stop it from doing that. But I found that it happens so quickly, that I have not been able to move my mouse to it quick enough to click on it. For me, it does not show up when I enter the user id and password, but up at the top left above the Squarebirds URL, where the little Tbird emblem is. But then, I always view the Forum using Firefox and not IE.

    I just logged into the Forum on IE, using IE9. I did NOT see this little green eye show up, after logging in and out several times. Probably because I am not using IE10. However, I certainly see it in Firefox, which must have picked up on the IE10 enhancement somehow. I dunno. I gather it is not a security problem, but a way for you to check your password. But on Firefox, it reacts to quickly to check it.

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      Thanks for the explanation. I have had a few computer issues lately and it has gone through several updates including a long drawn out affair with Norton. All seems to be working well now, but when I saw that "eye" I began to be worried that someone was watching what I was typing. (I tried the left click and it displays the characters.)

      I've also noticed that when typing on this forum (and others) spell check is now active - not in an auto correct manner but by underlining. In the past this only appeared for me if I was using Firefox.

      Good to know I'm not facing another issue to fix.