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google and youtube speed troubles

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  • google and youtube speed troubles

    Google changed over to the IPv6 yesterday...unfortunately for me, google switching to IPv6 made google's search engine and youtube purdy slow for me.
    my operating system is old but I'm not going to shell out any cash to upgrade my OS cause they made this change, so
    I fixed my problem by turning IPv6 OFF.

    For: Windows XP
    Uninstall the IPv6 protocol by following these steps:

    1. Go to Start
    2. Select Control Panel
    3. Click Network and Internet Connections
    4. Open Network Connections
    5. Right-click any local area connection, and then click Properties
    6. Select Microsoft TCP/IP version 6 in the list of installed components, and then click Uninstall
    7. Choose Yes in the Uninstall Microsoft TCP/IP version 6 dialog box
    8. Click Close to save changes to your network connection

    For: Mac

    Disable IPv6 by following these steps:

    1. Go to the Apple logo menu
    2. Select System Preferences
    3. Select Network. If the lock is locked, click it to enable changes.
    4. Click Advanced
    5. Go to TCP/IP and set Configure IPv6 to Off or Link-local Only