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  • Password Problems....

    I had an older member just email the webmaster through the Contact Us Form on the system. Those emails go to our webmaster, myself, Dan Leavens, and driller, as I recall. I reset his password for him, but, apparently, he never got my emails, because he did not try to log on with the new password. So, maybe he gave up and quit, thinking that no one was responding to him.. But I was... Several times..

    I have two email addresses and EVERYONE of you should have put them in your email address book. If you know Dave's, and Dan's, add it also. Or ask them for it. When new members join, they are instructed to do so. Otherwise, if I or one of the others respond to you from our normal email address, if you do not have those addresses in your address book, your email software is liable to throw those replies from us into your Spam or Trash folder. Which is exactly what happened tonight, I think.... We cant help you, if you cannot get email from us! Here are the two email addresses I use.

    rayclark07 "at" and rayclark07 "at" Of course, put the @ sign in there in place of the word. I was just trying to keep a robot from getting my email addresses.

    Please do this, because, otherwise, we might not be able to help you...

    I want to add one more thing to this post. We respond to all emails we receive, (other than spam) regardless of how we receive them. If you email us, and do not get a response, that probably means that your email system has blocked our email from reaching your Inbox.. You should be looking in other folders for it. Finally, as in the case of this member last night, if you do not get a response from us, pick up the phone and call me. My telephone number is in my signature element on every post I make. However, come to think of it, if you logged in as a guest, perhaps you do not see the signature element. So here is my phone number. 210-674-5781. Call me if you need help still.
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