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  • Front seats are from a '71 (or is is a '73?; I gotta go check my records...) AMC Javelin. They match the black 1960 rear leather seat and related interior pieces perfectly.

    Yes, I got some dirty looks at first, when she came home and I had all this junk all over the carpet, but I cleaned it up when I was done. She's got me beat down for new carpeting this Spring, so it really doesnt matter at this point!

    It's amazing how much foam has to be trimmed away in order to properly fit these dash pads. Like most of these sorts of projects, it would take me only half as much time if I was to do it again.
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    • Just posting up some pics of the dash project here.
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      • Hey Greg,
        You do some mighty fine work! Question, what is the switch besides the floor shifter?
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        • Hurst Roll Control....


          • Headers from are being shipped out tomorrow...


            • Good choice. I really like their stuff.

              They even have them for the Baby Birds.
              Notice the "Steady Rest" in the 2nd pic.

              They have the Blue Thunder Aluminum Intakes also that are supposed to be good.

              Anxious to see yours on.
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              • I'd say it was my ONLY choice.... because NOBODY makes headers for a 460 transplanted into a late 50's Ford passenger car.

                But I'm not complaining here. Their stuff really is high quality.


                • Plus they look awesome!
                  You will have to put up a photo when they are on
                  No ossifer, I'm not as think as you drunk I am.


                  • you'll see it here first! (that's a slogan of a local TV news channel)


                    • new carrier (old one had a crack at the rear pinion bearing support) and 3.50 gears installed today.

                      Also installed a driveshaft loop. I made it out of 1/4" x 2" stock. Bolted up perfectly. It helps when you are a nervous perfectionist.

                      headers should arrive mid-week next week.


                      • Originally posted by Dakota Boy View Post
                        ...Also installed a driveshaft loop. ...It helps when you are a nervous perfectionist...
                        It also help if you don't want to go pole vaulting down the 1/4-mile, or shake hands with your driveshaft while sitting in the driver's seat. - Dave
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                        • You are 100% correct there. I may not have the horsepower to snap a driveshaft yet, but when I do... the rest of the car will be ready.


                          • Headers dont quite fit. "So close, but yet so far...."

                            They are very close, but will need a few tweaks....

                            I suppose it was to be expected with such a weird combination (460 and a C6 trans in a '58 Thunderbird), but I have a few issues:
                            Driver's side: the lowest pipe (coming from the front cylinder) will need a little "ding" from a ballpeen hammer in order to clear the crossmember. I cant raise the engine up any further because then the transmission will be hitting the firewall area.
                            Passenger side: the header exit on this side is touching the firewall/floorboard area. It will need be angled down about an half inch or maybe one inch before I can bolt it to the cylinder head.


                            • How will you go about dropping the passengers side, extend the pipes from the head or just cut and angle the pipe before the exhaust flange?
                              No ossifer, I'm not as think as you drunk I am.


                              • I will have to cut and change the angle on the passenger side header. I'll have to have a muffler shop do it for me.
                                There is a good one in town that works on alot of these sorts of toys.

                                Best thing about this little drawback is nobody is really going to be able to see the butcherings that will be needed now.

                                If you get some of these headers for your car's 460, save your money and have them coated AFTER you get them to fit!

                                Oh well. Live and learn.