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my '53 Olds in new paint

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  • my '53 Olds in new paint

    Hi Guys,

    I finally got my Olds back from the paint/body shop and started installing the trim.
    I still have a ways to go (new tires, etc) but it's getting closer!

    I hope this link works:

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    Link worked fine thanks, the Olds looks way cool - I like the 'real fire' flames.

    What wheels/tires you going to run?


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      thanks for the compliments.
      I swore I'd never have another black car after my black TBird, but this paint is more graphite colored in the sunlight (it has a lot of metallic and pearl in the black). Pretty neat and different...

      My current thought on the wheels/tires is that I would paint the existing steel wheels and run some wide whites on them (more low-profile so the car would sit lower) and maybe some baby moons and beauty rings - sorta old school to use a worn out phrase..


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        Sounds good, wide whites are a good choice, as are the baby moons.
        I'm putting wide whites, steel wheels and '53 Olds hubcaps with chrome centre bullets on my '62 Tbird
        Black can be a nightmare i guess, but a clean, straight black car always looks stunning.
        What's the engine and trans in your Olds?


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          Those flames are great. When I'm caught day dreaming, I wonder how some of those would look on my T'bird ...

          You know, polished aluminum wheels on a black car looks pretty cool, of course I maybe biased.
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            Originally posted by Petrolhead View Post
            What's the engine and trans in your Olds?
            The car is totally stock.
            It has the Rocket 303 engine backed by the Hydramatic tranny.
            The whole setup is VERY TORQUEY!

            I've freshened the engine and disassembled/restored everything from the firewall forward.
            There are some more pics here:

            I've also restored the dash.
            Other than the tires and exhaust, the only remaining big ticket item is the interior. It's in really good shape but the front seat cover needs to be replaced and the headliner is very brittle.


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              Car looks great, I also liked the flames (esp. on the hood ornament).

              I have to say that car MUST have add on A/C, or your just plain "ballsie" for painting it black! LOL!! I live in north central TX so I know about the heat around here...
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                Nice hand-painted flames on the Oldsmobile. I love it.
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                  Originally posted by tbird430 View Post
                  I have to say that car MUST have add on A/C, or your just plain "ballsie" for painting it black! LOL!! I live in north central TX so I know about the heat around here...
                  I completely agree.
                  My black TBird is almost undriveable in the heat of Summer.
                  It doesn't run hot or anything like that but the interior is like an oven after sitting in the sun.

                  The Olds is more of a driver than the Bird so I'll add some under dash A/C before next Summer. It's just too hard to do that on the Bird - there's so little room to work with.


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                    Casey it looks outstanding and I too, love the flames as they accent the lines just right. I would like to see some baby moons on the rims as I think that would just compliment an excellent job you have done. I was looking at a 57 olds 88 on the weekend and all that chrome WOW!!!!!!!!

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