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  • '53 Oldsmobile 98

    here are a couple of pics of the '53 Olds I'm restoring.
    Been sanding on that sucker all weekend!
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    Nice, If i did that much sanding over the week-end I would have used alot of Bengay
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      I've been wearing those stick-on heating packs.
      I was still so sore this morning I could barely get out of bed.
      The lower panels of the car were tough because you either have to sit down on the floor or bend over - neither of which are ideal situations.

      I have it all sanded except for the top and accessories (fender skirts, visor, etc).
      I've restored the dash and the engine bay (and engine) and I have cleaned and repainted the underside.

      I am trying to do as much as I can myself so i can afford to paint her soon.


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        Casey looks like to paid your dues on the sanding as it looks good and that year has great looking lines. What color is it eventually going to be painted ??

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          that's the 65,000-dollar question - what color will it be?

          I've bounced around with all sorts of ideas but haven't settled on one yet. I sorta like the idea of a silver body with a charcoal gray roof or visa-versa.

          The dash is charcoal gray top with a rose tan bottom which would also be nice (see pic).
          As you can tell, I have no idea what color it will be
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            What have you been using to sand that car? It looks great and that's a lot of sheet metal to cover.

            I'm working on my bird's trunk lid; it had been covered in surface rust scale and getting down to the lightly pitted bare metal is a time-consuming affair.


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              I've been using my Porter Cable random orbital sander/buffer with sanding discs. They attach with velcro to the sander and are very easy to use.
              I started out with 80-grit discs to get down to the primer level then switched to 100 and 120 grit discs to take it on down to bare metal. The higher grit paper really puts a fine finish on sheet metal without scratching it or gouging it like the 80 grit can.

              I think I have about 20 or so hours in it thus far. It's a messy job best done outdoors wearing a filter mask of some sort.
              I still need to sand the top and skirts, etc.

              For the small crevices and places where the orbital can't reach, I've used a hand sanding block. I've been able to get all the metal down to the level of any pitting I've discovered (basically some areas under the side trim) and if it's not too bad, I've been able to go past that level to smooth it out.


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                My ride 42 Dodge

                I take it that you don't have carpal tunnel? If I did that my hands would probably just kink up and fall oft. I'm jealous as I would like to get my T Bird painted but all that surface area would just kill me. I guess I could have it done but me being haft Scotch that will never happen. Well your car looks like a winner and keep up the great work!!!!!

                PS. I prepped my old ride myself and I had Maco paint it. They wondered if I would like a job with them at the time but no way to much work!!!!!


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                  Pre-Maco Paint Job

                  Are you going to use a sanding primmer? I sprayed my old car with this stuff and when I got it ready for Maco I used 800 grit for final paint job.

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                    My old 42 was owned by a farmer and I think he must have hit everything in the barn yard as all four fenders looked like they had come out of a destruction derby race. I even broke down and bought a new old stock fender to replace one that was so far gong I didn't even bother trying to cherry it out.


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                      so you sprayed your own primer and then sanded the primer before taking it to the painter?
                      Does Maco color sand the final coat after they spray it or did you do that too?
                      It looks very nice.


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                        I'm not sure what they did to get that final finish but it did come out nice. It does have a few inperfections but for $500 what can you expect? If you have a Maco in your area than i would look them up and maybe see some of there better work befor you commit. I saw a beautiful 53 Olds last year over at the good guys car show and they had signs all over it that it was a Maco paint job. Like I said befor I think it depends what dealership you go to and there finished past products. Jon