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Wayne Perry's '58 "PinkBird"!

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  • Wayne Perry's '58 "PinkBird"!

    Brand new Tbird owner, Wayne Perry ~ Wayne in Arizona, sent me pix of his Cameo Rose '58 Tbird that he just acquired. Here is what he had to say about her and three pix...

    "Looks like a great site you all have put together, and I'm sure all the experience and technical information everyone shares will be a big help when I go to work on the PinkBird. I got her Monday from Phoenix, Arizona although she came from Idaho originally . I traded a nice 83 econoline extended van and $1,000. for her ! Feel like I got a great deal. The car threw a valve 16 years ago and has sat ever since. But its all complete and original, hardly a speck of rust, very straight other than the passenger side door. Interior in near mint ! It looks like it was taken well care of before it sat so long. Looked up the factory paint code, and it is indeed Cameo Rose with a white top. Anyway, I've wanted a 58-60 Bird forever it seems so....Hurray ! Once again, thanks for your offer to help."

    Here are the three pix Wayne sent. You can see the damage to the passenger door where someone in the past backed into it. He will be looking for someone who can fix the door, or for a replacement door. Wayne has owned many 50's-60's classic cars over the years, but this is his first Tbird.
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