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Danny & Kathy ~ 3T Joy & Their New Ride!

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  • Danny & Kathy ~ 3T Joy & Their New Ride!

    Danny & Kathy are new So. Texas Tbird Club Owners and new members! Their drop dead gorgeous 1966 428 Convertible Flairbird will be on their doorstep in a few more days! Kathy and Danny have named her "3T Joy", short for "Tahoe Turquoise Thunderbird (hence the 3 T) of Joy"! It comes without OEM AC, but they intend to put a Classic Auto Air "Perfect Fit" AC system in her soon. I have already rounded up the additional parts they will need from another 1966 428 AC equipped Flairbird parts car! Here are some pix to feast your eyes on of their new "Joy"!

    Here is the write up on the car.

    ENGINE SIZE 428 V8
    TRANSMISSION Automatic C-6


    Wearing bright turquoise paint, it looks a mile long yet incomparably sleek. Workmanship is quite good throughout and with that much sheetmetal, there are plenty of places for things to go wrong. Fortunately the guys in charge of the restoration didn't miss a thing. Note how well the doors line up with the quarters, the deep shine, and the total absence of waves that would suggest significant bodywork underneath. Trim is surprisingly restrained on this lovely Thunderbird, but details like the fender-mounted turn signal indicators, faux hood scoop, and the finely detailed grille are in excellent shape. And yes, the sequential turn signals are fully functional.

    The interior features new Italian leather upholstery, and combined with just a few woodgrained accents and stainless trim, it makes this feel like an adult's car in every way. The bucket seats offer gorgeous upholstery with a wonderful combination of pleats and quilted seating surfaces, and the rear seat with its wrap-around look is perhaps even more inviting. A ribbon-style speedometer and small round pods for the auxiliary gauges are an incredible piece of design, as is the swing-away steering wheel that really makes a difference in ease of entry. Check out the little tricks like the original clock replaced with a digital piece and a newer AM/FM stereo head unit. The insanely complex top mechanism on these cars is a ballet of electro-mechanical automation, although this one has been upgraded with linear actuators in place of the original hydraulic rams, so it's more reliable. Most importantly, it works properly with zero issues and the black convertible top fits well. The trunk is also correctly finished with gray mats and plenty of space (provided you keep the top up).

    Ford's 428 cubic inch Q-code V8 was optional equipment in the 1966 Thunderbird and makes the kind of leisurely torque you need in a luxury machine like this. Fully rebuilt about 5000 miles ago, it has a few upgrades such as an Edelbrock carburetor, HEI distributor, and a giant aluminum radiator to keep things cool. There's also plenty of Ford Blue paint and an open-element air cleaner proudly advertising the big block underneath. This big 'Bird uses a C6 3-speed automatic transmission linked to 3.00 gears in the 9-inch rear, so it just loafs along at highway speeds without breaking a sweat. A new dual exhaust system gives it a burbly V8 rumble that's got a bit of muscle car DNA in it, and with disc brakes becoming standard equipment in 1965, it's a fine road car in every sense of the word. Right-sized 215/75/15 whitewall/redline radials look great on those vintage Cragar mags.
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    I see that it has the wrong valve covers and air cleaner. That would make me suspicious if it's a real 428.

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      Very nicely detailed and stance.
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        Originally posted by jopizz View Post
        I see that it has the wrong valve covers and air cleaner. That would make me suspicious if it's a real 428.

        I wonder what ever became of the original 428 that the car came with. In order to make a 390 into a 428 the cylinders must be bored a whopping .096" (2mm) larger, shorter connecting rods and a new crankshaft with .200" (5.1mm) increase in stroke installed. I wouldn't do it (but that's me).

        It dawned on me that maybe the original 428's parts were used in the 390 block but I don't know. - Dave
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          Danny & Kathy Varell's '66 428 Flairbird ~ 3T Joy Has Finally Flown In!


          After a couple of delays in shipping, Danny & Kathy's '66 428 Tahoe Turquoise Convertible finally showed up! It was supposed to be here last week, but there was a delay on the shipping end. Then it was supposed to be here the evening before last by 6pm, but with us all sitting in the driveway looking for it, it did not make it. Danny got a call from the auto transport company saying that all 18 wheelers had been pulled off IH-10 near San Antonio and were being inspected by State Police and Immigration personnel. To the point of having to take all six classic cars off the truck so it could be inspected and the cars also, along with all the other trucks! Apparently, they were looking for drugs, or illegal aliens. So the driver made arrangement for a 9am arriving yesterday morning. So back home I went, and drove back up early in the morning to await the arrival. I wanted to video tape it, and be there for the inspection and take pix of them driving it around their area as they checked her out.

          He arrived promptly at 9am and the unloading proceeded. Per instructions, the car had been placed on the top tier, but after that stop the night before, and knowing his next stop would be at Danny's, they on loaded the car onto the bottom bay and covered it totally with a big, thick cover to protect it from any drippings from the car above. There were no problems with that. So I started taking videos, and pix, and I notice that my cell phone camera makes the car look a bit blue, but it is Tahoe Turquoise in color. So here are pix that I took. The car looks to be in excellent condition, to us, and we did not note any damage to the vehicle in shipment.

          Yesterday, it is my understanding that Danny had the car inspected, got it registered, and got temporary tags, and I gather, also insured. He was checking over a few things that need attention that he is aware of, and that he wants to change. Like getting the correct expansion tank cap on it, and probably putting new shocks on her up front. They put a few miles on it today, getting used to driving it! Here are some more pix of her...

          Here are some video clips to view.

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