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My 1959 Thunderbird convertible

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    Originally posted by partsetal View Post
    The door cards for the 58-9 are available and if your arm rest portion is good it can be added to the new card. Several years ago I stitched up a set of red and white vinyl on a set of these cards and tho it didn't have the pressed footballs they looked pretty good. I imagine it would be a simple task for a professional. On the steering cylinder hitting the pan, I wonder if the motor mounts could be installed upside down. This would cause the motor to sit lower in the chassis. I believe there is a picture in the shop manual of their correct orientation.
    My door cards are T-Totally trashed, as is pretty much the entire vinyl areas on the car. The leather seats are a long ago historic artifact too.

    As for the engine mounts, that's interesting. I'm going to look at that this weekend and see. I've been eyeing the homemade trans mount, but it looks solid and more or less correct.
    I will be putting the dual range back in, so I'll have a primo C6 mount for a Squarebird if anyone wants one.