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Trip on Backroads in KY in a 60 T-Bird

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  • Trip on Backroads in KY in a 60 T-Bird

    Here are some pictures from a three day trip my family and I took in our Thunderbird. My wife bought this car in 1988 when she was sixteen. It has a manual shifted three-speed transmission which she couldn't drive very well as a teen so it sat for many years in a barn or field. We've had it back on the road now for about four years and enjoy driving it whenever we have a chance. The car actually drives and rides pretty good even with the manual steering and brakes.

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    GREAT pictures - thanks for posting the link !!!

    Looks like the trip was a lot of fun.

    But who was driving??????

    Your long lost twin in NC.....



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      Nice ride! I was driving because my wife still can't drive a standard. LOL.


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        Was wondering about that - .

        I started out on a standard shift but a floor type. Drove my neighbors '70ish F-100 one time when I was about 16 - it was a column shift 3 speed. Felt really weird and the clutch was like pressing 100lbs compared to my hydraulic clutch on my MG.

        Thanks for the compliments on the car - Dad and Mom bought it new. I took many trips in the back seat until it was finally my turn to drive - mine is an auto with PS though.

        Drive mine a bunch ...... favorite drive is the Blue Ridge Parkway.......

        But the car eats up the interstate quite a bit too...

        Just out of curiosity and if you don't mind posting part (or all) of your vin # - my car serial number ends in 186576. Wondered how close the numbers are - may have gone down the line on the same day.

        The build sheet (or ROT sheet) is usually under the back seat - have you looked for yours?


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          I've had the back seat out before and couldn't find the buildsheet. The serial number for mine is 155XXX so the are pretty far apart.


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            Love these pictures!Thought you had lost a wheel trim at some point but hopefully you found it.


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              Lost the same hub cap twice and recovered both times. After the second time I put it in the trunk. It's back on now!


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                Probably know but take a pair of pliers and bend the "teeth" on those hub caps out a little more. The caps will be a bit harder to get on but also a lot harder to come off. One of the first signs that the cap is too loose is that it will "walk" around the wheel. You'll notice it when you go to check the air pressure and the valve stem is no longer lined up with the hole.

                I made some wire caps from 14 inch Chevy ( ) wire hubcaps trying to copy the Kelsey Hayes wire wheels - added the 3 bar Tbird spinner in the center. Still deciding if I like them - may switch back to original and put the optional Red/White/Blue sun ray trim in the center.

                155xxx - thanks.
                Mine was a late production '60. Sounds like we're just cousins rather than twins.