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    The car actually "found" my Mom. She was working at a Credit Union and a fellow had brought the car in to meet the dealer and work out financing. He wasn't able to qualify. My Mom had spotted the car in the lot and stopped the dealer on the way out to ask about it - long story short she told him there wouldn't be any need for him to take the car back to the lot.

    Black and white interior but I really like your turquoise leather.

    The Model A was Chicle Drab and Copra Drab with Tacoma Creme wheels (steel wire wheels just like yours). We too had the sort of tan Mohair interior.
    That was in the days before digital cameras and I haven't scanned all the pics to digital format - but I sure need to.
    Here's one very similar (no trunk or dual tail lights on this one though). We didn't have wide whitewalls either - kinda wish we had looking at this one.



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      I see your code meant the black and white leather. I like that look. Especially with red paint! Sounds like the A was very similar just fancier. It's nice that the tbird has always been in your family. Is that the original dash on yours? The guys never really liked the turquoise but I have always loved it! I think it's growing on them after I refused to change it.
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        Thanks - I can remember family trips to Fla and then the everyday stuff from the back seat when I was a kid. Now I love driving it. Since it's been in the family so long everything about the car has a story - sorry - but I wouldn't have it any other way.

        The dash is a Ford replacement done at the dealer in about 1977. My Dad tried to trade the car in the gas crunch of the 70's but he always said all the dealers wanted him to pay them to take the car. One of his friends who worked at a Ford dealer needed work so my Dad decided to let him do the work. Had it painted and replaced the front seat covers then too - still have the originals but they are a little worn. My Dad would tell me he figured he could get a bunch of gas for what it was going to cost to trade and by then the crunch would be over. He just kept driving it - boy am I glad.

        Yea - the turquoise is a but more "feminine" and if I were picking a car today - doubt I would pick turquoise.

        This is some info that came with my car when it was new. You can tell everyone the interior wasn't just a color choice but was "artfully blended to create your serene Thunderbird living space" - that ought to shut them up.



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          That's a pretty cool article Eric.

          Thanks for sharing those pages with us...
          The 1960 Ford Thunderbird. The WORLD'S most wanted car....

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            There really is something to be said about how cars were made and marketed back then. They were proclaiming the Thunderbird to be a classic when it was still new. Automakers nowadays seem to only boast about fuel economy and the price tag. I guess thatís all the average consumer really cares about today.
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              Those old ads are pretty great! I have bought so many old Time magazines to try and find ads on the tbird! I have a bunch of different car ads now, but not a tbird. I finally gave up and bought one from Mac Auto.

              Well I don't really think of the turquoise as feminine, but definitely retro. I shined up the bird today for a Monday show, then while cruising Main St. a car next to me had folks commenting how cool the car was, but they didn't know about the turquoise. I didn't think too much of their (Chevy) van either though. lol.
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                Thunderbirds at Show

                Just got home from a local Memorial Day car show. The Thunderbirds were represented. My 60, two baby birds and a 63. The one baby bird from our car club got a People's Choice award.
                I had fun! Beautiful day here in the Rockies. One guy said my car is his wife's dream car. She got a picture in mine and was very happy. That's what it's all about!!
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                  Debra's '60 Tbird Pix

                  Hi Deb, first of all let me comment about turquoise! When I was looking for my '59 Squarebird, I was looking for an Indian Turquoise body and Colonial White top, because Faye liked turquoise and so do I. I could not find one available at the time I was looking. About four months after I bought Rose, I did. To late now. So I found Rose in Casino Cream with a white top and changed her to the color you see today in tribute to Faye because she loved bright yellow roses, and Tweety Bird.

                  I am glad that you enjoyed the car show, and perhaps helped someone along the way towards fulfilling their dream! Congratulations to the owner of the Babybird that got the award. I decided not to go to the Memorial Day car show today for several reasons. One of them is the heat, as it was to be in the high 90's today. The other is that I am still recovering from the "Great Flood" I experienced when the waterbed bladder broke weeks ago and flooded my master bedroom. After getting a new pad and carpet down last week, today, I got my waterbed frame totally together, and have put the dresser, night tables, and stuff back on the headboard and the drawers back in the dresser and under the waterbed. I did a lot of polishing of wood on that waterbed and dresser and drawers. In a few more days, a new insert California Queen pillow top mattress will be here to put in that frame. No more waterbed bladders for me! I gots to get my house back in order before Bill ~ Penelope and his wife Deb, from Perth, Australia show up here in the next couple of weeks for a few days visit! He is looking forward to driving Rose! I am getting there!
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                    Sorry about the flood! I haven't had a waterbed for a long time, but still remember that issue. Sorry you had to deal with it.

                    I love that turquoise bird picture! I would definitely like to have it too! Yes, the black one from our club is nice with the continental kit. The 63 today was aquamarine I think. The other baby bird was yellow with a tan leather interior. If I had taken photo's if them I would post. I figure my family is getting tired of looking at my car photos, so I tried to cut back. . Then I'm sorry I didn't get a picture. Lol. Deb

                    Yes, I liked giving that lady a picture in her dream car! Have a good time with your company. We also have company coming this week.
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