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Bill ~ FINSRIN's '60 Tbird Pix

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  • Bill ~ FINSRIN's '60 Tbird Pix

    Bill ~ FINSRIN has sent me some information and several pix of his beautiful '60 Squarebird. He has been enjoying her. Here is what he had to say.

    "Wheel covers are 63 Galaxie with weathered center spinners replaced with a moon. Is original 352 (rebuilt), power seat, power windows, A/C. Converted it to electric wipers and remote electric door locks like new cars have. Changed tail lights so all six are on as tail and brake lights. Three on a side flash together for turn signal. Had hood scoop chrome plated. Am considering plating trim pieces around tail lights as you did. Would keep originals and get others plated. Got new old stock "Thunderbird" script and put it on doors. Is much brighter. Has 2 inch exhaust pipes. Might change to 2 1/2 inch. Did same change in pipe size on 59 Cadillac and is obvious improvement.

    Info on Thunderbird:
    Bought it April 2010 in Sacramento California area. Original color was all white with blue interior. Restored in 90s and colors changed using 60 Thunderbird colors. (Palms Springs Rose) Interior is dark beige/light beige vinyl as you said. Motor rebuilt to stock with hardened valve seats added. Electronic ignition. New gas tank. New radiator. A/C converted to R134 and works fine. Bumpers re-chromed. Trunk has fresh repro mat etc. Had 205/75/14 tires with 1 1/4 inch white wall when I got it. Now has 215/75/14 tires with 2 1/2 inch white wall. Interior good but plan to do some freshening up. (Suggested he contact Jed Zimmerman if he needs new foams) Radio works, clock don't. (Suggested he contact Bird Nest to get his clock quarted) Remote trunk release partly installed. (Asked for information on doing the electric remote door and trunk locks) When finished, doors and trunk will all be on remote for conveince. Key still functions in locks. Replaced tired looking license plate lights with better looking ones for Studebaker Lark.

    Sorry - no pictures of remote door lock installation. Put in sound deadening at same time and installed the NOS door script.

    Have 61/62 "THUNDERBIRD" script valve covers to get chrome plated. Have paint to paint air cleaner same as body. Will see how that looks with chrome valve covers. (I suggested he chrome his air cleaner like I did)

    Also have original 1960 Ford aluminum intake manifold that was available at dealer parts counter. After I find draft tube that fits, (suggested he contact Carl ~ partsetal for this) will install intake, valve covers, and painted air cleaner. Found 1960 Thunderbird promotional model car that Ford sponsored and it is in same colors the Thunderbird. That is kinda cool. (This is REALLY cool and have asked for pix!)

    Has interesting history:

    Was owned (second owner) by chief engineer of John Wayne's yacht the Wild Goose. John's wife went shopping in it and the kids were taken/picked up at school in Thunderbird. John Wayne never rode in or drove it because he was to tall to fit.


    Bill, I am sure the guys and gals would like to know more about that electric door lock/trunk conversion that you did. We already have the information on how to put sequential turn signals and electric windshield wipers on a '60 Squarebird, but not the door/trunk lock info that I am aware of, in our Technical Resource Library. Here are the pix he sent me. That appears to be the Palm Springs Rose paint job on her. What a beautiful Tbird she is!

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    Richard D. Hord


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      She looks very nice. Reminds me of someone's convertible (these same colors).
      The 1960 Ford Thunderbird. The WORLD'S most wanted car....

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        Bill she looks outstanding and really majestic. If you want to add more chrome ( to compliment the hood scoop ) suggest you do the head light trim pieces. You can view how they look, on the site from the customized 1960 files.
        Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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          Thanks for comments

          Thanks for comments.
          Is great of you guys to run this site.
          Neat to read/see so many Tbirds in-work and finished. Good work and good car hearts. Getting ideas from them for my Tbird. May use some of your Tbird touches.
          Obviously many Thunderbird motorheads out there along with all the rest of you car guys/gals.
          This is my third Thunderbird after a 90 and 97.
          Working to get the 60 set up well for long trips.
          First saw the 60 in 2002 or 2003 and been following it for eventual purchase. Believe I am 7th owner.