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Welcome, speedyjjh !!

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  • Welcome, speedyjjh !!

    Welcome to Squarebirds, John! John hales from Georgia and does not own a Tbird. However.... He is writing a book that involves a Thunderbird... He did not say what kind of book. A novel, a technical book, or a book on Thunderbirds in general. Some of you characters had better be careful, or you might end up as characters in his new book! If you need any help just post away in the Anything Goes Forum. We have the greatest Tbird Techies from around the world on here. So if you have technical questions I am sure they will be glad to help. Should you have any problems navigating our Forum, please contact me. All of you should write down my telephone number in case you ever have problems logging onto the Forum. Call me if you have problems. Enjoy The Journey!

    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
    '59 Tbird "The Yellow Rose Of Texas" aka "Tweety Bird"
    "It's Hip To Be Square"
    Thunderbird Registry #33025 VTCI #11178

    Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or (Cell) 210-875-1411 (Home) 210-674-5781

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    Welcome John
    Bob M
    59 Bird
    72 Charger


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      Hey John,
      Welcome to Squarebirds! Book huh? You have come to the Thunderbird authority! If you can't find it here it don't exist. So ask questions and comment often we are here to help!
      Once again welcome!
      Richard D. Hord
      sigpic'60 Thunderbird "Christine"
      Registry #33436