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Consumer Reports names Nissan Altima top mid-size sedan

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  • Consumer Reports names Nissan Altima top mid-size sedan

    Filed under: Car Buying, Sedans/Saloons, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Kia, Nissan, Subaru

    var digg_url = ''; The Nissan Altima narrowly beat out the Honda Accord for the coveted Consumer Reports Top-Ranked, Mid-priced Sedan, which is revealed in the February 2008 issue. The V6 Accord lost to the V6-powered Altima by a scant one-point, followed by the Toyota Camry and Volkswagen Passat.

    Consumer Reports tested a number of family sedans for its February issue, ranging from the base four-cylinder models and up to the range-topping V6s. The selected vehicles, which also included the Ford Taurus, Dodge Avenger, Kia Amanti and Subaru Legacy, were broken down into three categories: "Affordable," "Mid-priced" and "Large" family sedans.

    The four-cylinder Altima took the top spot in the "Affordable" category, leading by six points over the Accord, with the Kia Optima EX and Passat 2.0T coming in third and fourth, respectively.

    Consumer Reports is quick to point out that the Accord, which has won the publications Top Pick for five years, outperformed the majority of the players, but in the end, the Altima proved to be the best value overall.

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    I am sorry to have to reply to this in a most negitive way, however, I do not believe that C.R has EVER named any American car to any #1 spot since the 1957 Chevy Bel Air. I put no value on their opinion. I do not read their mag because I do not trust their judgement. It would be akin to asking a Monk to reccomend a good house of ill repute in New York City. In my liferime, I have owned a grand total of 22 vehicles. 1 lemon, one so-so and 20 great ones. Pretty good batting averge. EDIT:::: AND EVERY ONE WAS A DOMESTIC !!
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      I agree that consumer report is useless and biased as far as rating cars. I remember when Chrysler switched to stainless steel exhaust. The Chrysler products would jet get average raring rating for exhaust, while inexplicably Hondas and Toyotas withe conventional exhaust would get excellent ratings. Also Chryslers made in Japan differing only in badging would do much worse in ratings than thier Japanese badged equivalent. In a Edsel history book, a reviewer from Consumer Reports told one of the Edsel people that they would get a negative review, even before viewing the car. The prejudice against American cars runs deep at Consumer Reports.
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        I rate C.R.