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Ford Ranger wears pink for UK city

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  • Ford Ranger wears pink for UK city

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    There's a theory that only men comfortable with their manliness can get away with wearing pink. Whether you buy that or not, Ford's tough little Ranger pickup is trading its plaid shirt image for the pink livery of Salford, UK.

    The city just purchased a fleet of six pink Ranger 2.5 TDCi Regular Cab 4x2s fitted with tipper beds for their street-cleaning department.

    Salford's Public Relations Officer Ian Andrew tells us, "Yes, magenta is our colour! We want our city to stand out and for people to recognise when the city council is providing them with services."

    Situated about 200 miles north of London, Salford prides itself on having an eco-friendly image, with 60% green space, 30 miles of rivers and canals and 112 ponds and lakes. And that's why the six pink Rangers will be burning biodiesel for their five years of service.

    "The Rangers are superb," said Salford City Council's Transport Manager Terry Dixie. "Our concern is with paper bulk, rather than weight. This provides an opportunity to reduce vehicle size. The Ranger is less expensive than a conventional 3.5-tonne tipper vehicle, provides superior fuel economy and its robust design promises a long life."

    Read Ford's press release after the jump.
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