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Ford officially announces GT500 Red-Stripe package

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  • Ford officially announces GT500 Red-Stripe package

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    click above image to view high-res pics of the GT500 Red-Stripe package

    Last week we told you that Ford was getting ready to release yet another special Mustang trim package. Today they made the official announcement. The Red Stripe Appearance Package is available on the still-commanding-over-sticker Shelby GT500. After choosing white or black for your exterior, the package adds red stripes on the hood, roof, and side of the car. Besides the stripes, there are also red-accented exterior badges, including special Cobra emblems on the grille, the fenders, and even on the faux gas cap, as well as "Shelby" lettering out back. The interior also gets redded up, with red inserts on black leather seats, and special carpeting and floormats with bespoke silver-and-red Cobra logos.

    For a package price of $1,650, buyers get exclusivity along with all that red stuff. The package will only be available from early May through late June, when the 2007 model run ends. Sound good? Then act fast. Still not convinced? Act right now and you'll also get a spiffy Shelby car cover at no extra charge. Just tell them Autoblog sent you.

    Full press release after the jump.

    [Source: Ford]
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    What I would really like & appreciate

    What I would really like & appreciate would be if RSS ROBOT could obtain & post a final, end of 2007 build, report of how many GT500 were produced in each of the 21 possibilties. Now, THAT would be really great !

    Black with Red Stripes
    White with Red Stripes

    Black with White Stripes
    Grabber Orange with White Stripes
    Vista Blue with White Stripes
    Torch Red with White Stripes

    Performance White with Vista Blue Stripes

    Black with Tungston Grey Stripes
    Grabber Orange with Tungsten Gray Stripes
    Performance White with Tungsten Grey Stripes
    Vista Blue with Tungsten Grey Stripes
    Alloy with Tungsten Grey Stripes

    Alloy with Satin Silver Stripes
    Tungston Grey with Satin Silver Stripes
    Torch Red with Satin Silver Stripes

    and then, I do believe that you can get each paint
    color with STRIPE DELETE,so that adds another seven,
    for a grand total of 21 different choices.

    My choice would be the Alloy with Tungston Grey Stripes.

    Can you get us those totals, RSS ??? Please?