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Buy a Shelby GT500 for just $120!

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  • Buy a Shelby GT500 for just $120!

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    Have you stopped by your local Ford dealer lately to check out the hot new Shelby GT500? The 5.4-supercharged-liter Mustang that brings Carroll Shelby back to Ford directly, as opposed through the rental fleets? The Mustang that promises Corvette performance at half the price? The most powerful factory Mustang ever? What's not to like, right? Have you seen the 20 grand markups they're demanding? Well, come right over here, my friend. We have something that might cheer you up a bit. A very detailed scale model of your beloved supercharged 'Stang produced by the folks at the Franklin Mint. It has all of the bold styling and go-fast hardware of the full scale version, albeit in a non-functional form (d'oh!). The best part is that it can be yours at MSRP. And the cost is only a fraction of the driveable one at just $120. Limited to only 5,000 units, we found it odd that it's listed as being on backorder through the Franklin Mint website. Can dealer markups for this pint-sized pony car be far behind? Click on over to the Mint website to get on the list and read the full release after the jump for more details.

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