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Meet the 2008 Ford Taurus Heritage Edition

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  • Meet the 2008 Ford Taurus Heritage Edition

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    Ford has opened itself up to a lot of ridicule lately, not the least of which is for its decision to resurrect the recently deceased Taurus name for the 2008 model year. Never ones to let their arch enemy off the hook, the GM fanboy community over at Cheers and Gears has produced these "mock" press materials regaling the return of the original Taurus' intoxicating allure. We can only imagine its authors trying to complete the project while doubled over on the floor laughing, which was our initial reaction when we first saw it. We have to give them credit, however, for getting all the details right, including the peek-a-boo Ford emblem, two-tone paint job, cornering light and those wheels, oh those wheels. The accompanying fake press release is not to be missed; you can find it after the jump.

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    Are you serious? That is simply horrible! A 16 year old Taurus fron end, grafted onto a 500/Montego body ??!!
    Sorry, not my $$ ! I'd rush out now & order a 2007 Montego top of the line with all options, 4WD.


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      That was a GM site's idea of a joke. Ford is not making that car. Then again, I like it. I think it has character. That is something missing in this generic age of cars.
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