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MN cops in trouble for drag racing squad cars on airport runway

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  • MN cops in trouble for drag racing squad cars on airport runway

    Filed under: Sedan, Government/Legal, Dodge, Ford, Police/Emergency

    Recently the Caledonia, Minn. Police Department took delivery of a new Ford Crown Victoria (curiously, CV production ended in September of 2011) police cruiser. This got the attention of not only the local criminals, but it apparently piqued the interest of the Houston County Sheriff's Department, too.

    Just like in high school, when another kid gets a new car, there's gonna be talk about whose car is faster. So according to reports, a Caledonia officer and a Houston County deputy lined up on a local airport runway to pit the county's Dodge Charger against the city's new Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor. We imagine there were roaring engines, squealing tires and clouds of taxpayer-financed smoke.

    Did we mention the two lawmen were on duty? Well, because of that, the Caledonia officer piloting the Ford won a free month of suspension. The Dodge-driving deputy got away without so much as a warning. Perhaps that was winner's award. Neither side is saying, though, who won or what speeds were attained.

    A former Caledonia commissioner reportedly ratted out the street-racing officers and later alleged there is a "culture of, quite frankly, bad behavior" at the sheriff's department.

    In his deputy's defense, Houston County Cheif Deputy Scott Yeiter says the incident was "an employee coaching session."MN cops in trouble for drag racing squad cars on airport runway originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 19 Sep 2012 14:31:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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    Wait a minute... Don't cops practice shooting their weapons, to hone their SKILLS? Isn't a car every bit as much part of his EQUIPMENT? I say, the cop did nothing wrong. He didn't jeopardize anyone's safety by testing the car on an air field, so where's the foul?

    A car, like any tool, is an extension of your body. I would much rather the cops get their 'high-speed driver's ed' in a private air field before chasing crooks on public roads.

    I am disappointed at MN for not reporting which car is faster. After all, that Crown Vic may in fact race another Charger on the roads. I hope the cop gets all of his pay back. - Dave
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      So much potential 'fun' in my job is ruined by PC namby-pamy types.

      The 'un-police' I suppose you could call them!! Grinches I call them...
      A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.