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  • 2011 Lincoln

    There is a 2011 Lincoln Town Car!
    They are being built now & probably thru late March, of 2011.
    Buyers cannot get a factory installed MoonRoof.
    There is but one model (other than the omnibus/Livery model)
    No new colors, same interiors as 2007 to present.

    I post this because it was wildy circulated that 2010 WAS THE FINAL.
    It isn't.

    If anyone wants one, this **IS** the end !!

    My 2003 example, is THE best car I have ever had, and I have had a
    ton of cars. Zero problems, love e'thing about it, wondeerful dealer
    service, free loaners, and it floats over the road's pot holes, and expantion strips.
    THE end of the BIG rear wheel, full 6-passenger full frame V-8 American Luxury Car. Few Notice - Less Care - Pity
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    sigpic..."Lil darling Ruth"


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      Wrong word ???

      Chassis ? (I dunno)


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        A frame chassie seems to be pretty outdated for a number of reasons, since 50 years.....
        Does it realy have that? I thought only some Pick-ups was still using it.
        sigpic..."Lil darling Ruth"


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          Sandy you are a diehard Lincoln man, as many of us have known. Have you received approval from your good wife yet to even think of purchasing one I recently bought at an auction a 1992 Cadillac Allante convert roadster with 43,000 miles on it for my good wife.
          Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
          Thunderbird Registry
          58HT #33317
          60 HT (Sold )


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            Oh no, you've got that all wrong!
            I dislike the MKS. The style - to me - is ugly. It is lower in the front, with a real high deck lid, and the roof area is shaped like the top half of an egg on its side.
            The smaller Lincoln looks like a Ford and the rest are variations on a SUV.
            At Ford, I like the Mustang GT. That's about it. At Gm I like the Buick Lucerne Super, and at Cry Co the SRT-8 300 & Daytona.
            But, my #1 is in the garage, my 2003 Town Car Springtime "Feature Car
            (340 were produced,) THE LIMITED. If I ever won the lottery, I'd be at my Jaguar dealership within 24 hours.


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              My wife says I can'y buy any more cars, period! Unless a sell a couple. (She knows THAT will never happen!) I have 6.


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                No, I am keeping my 2003. It has just 10,150 miles & is a joy to drive.