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  • Update To The General Membership

    Many of the open Moderator positions have been filled, with still a few more to go. Forums that have never had a Moderator now have at least one. We still have need of more because we would like to see more than one Moderator on a Forum. So if you would like to join us as a Moderator, just let me know.

    There are several reasons why we have needed to fix this situation. 1) To replace Alexander, who was a Moderator on nearly every Forum, and SandyBoy also. 2) to provide Moderators for Forums that did not have any. 3) to provide leadership and moderation on our Forums.

    Since I have become your Acting Webmaster/Security administrator, I have noticed that there was a need for good Moderator leadership on our Forums. Not only have I noticed it, but others have commented on it to me in PM's and emails. Sometimes we tend to get away from the subject of the post that was being discussed. Someone says something that is interesting, but does not refer to the item under discussion. Off we go discussing that new subject, thereby "hijacking" that post. Not intentionally, but accidentally. Sometimes posts become inane, filled with things that are not relevant. I have probably done that myself accidentally. We all probably have. I know that we have members who are no longer active, or not as active as they used to be. It has been expressed to me that it is because they often find the posts being made not relative to the subjects being discussed and they lose interest.

    An active Moderator can guide the discussion, keep us on track, provide additional input and information on the subject at hand. Hopefully, with a fairly fully staffed Forum of Moderators now, we can all make this an even better Forum to participate in. I receive comments from members who are active on other Forums, and they tell me this is the best Forum of its kind out there.. That is certainly good news! Lets make it even better for all!

    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
    '59 Tbird "The Yellow Rose Of Texas" aka "Tweety Bird"
    "It's Hip To Be Square"
    Thunderbird Registry #33025 VTCI #11178

    Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or (Cell) 210-875-1411 (Home) 210-674-5781

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    Hi Ray

    Well put, you make some valid points. I enjoy the friendly chit chat in the 'Anything Goes' forum, but I think it's out of place in the techincal areas. if somebody posts a photo of an engine in a technical thread asking a specific question about a broken or missing part for example, one-line responses like 'nice colour' or 'I'm jealous' and a smiley don't really add anything of value to the discussion. And you're right, it often takes the thread off in an entirely different direction.

    Thank you for addressing this (and I'll be more carefull in future), and yes, this is an excellent site.




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      I concur, although completely know I have seg-wayed off the focal point of a few threads...hopefully they were all in the Anything Goes section.... think I may just have buttered up Alistair's What I Did This Weekend thread....


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        I've noticed that. And i'm probably guilty also! So off subject is anything Go s!!!!!!