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  • What I did in the weekend

    Hi everyone!

    Let's see if we can keep this thread going with regular posts, hopefully it'll grow!

    I've been reading your posts about summer and how hot it is in places around the US at the moment. I guess this is when a lot of you'll be making the most of your Tbirds and getting out and about to shows and events.

    Please post pics of what you've been up, along with a brief description - doesn't matter if you took your car to the mall or went on a weekend road trip, lets see your photos!

    Try and make them as scenic as possible so we can see the car and the surroundings.

    It's Monday here, our weekend's over. My son Brad and I went on a road trip to a big car show and swap meet at Palmerston North, which worked out at just over 1000 miles total. It's the middle of winter here, sub zero temperatures and the area where these photos were taken (State Highway One, the main route that runs the length of NZ) is sometimes closed due to ice and snow. Man it was cold.

    The other cars with my '62 were Donna and Steve's Malibu, and Paula and Terry's Duster.

    Bring it on!

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    Saw you there - an ALWAYS yarning to somebody when I was wanting to catch up with you!

    Some nice cars there! (crappy weather though)
    A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.


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      GREAT pics! Beutiful landscape. Thanks for charing
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        Nice Bird ...

        Love the stance and the colors and the hubcaps are perfect. Very sleak machine. Mine is in the shop right now getting a number of upgrades. Hoping to have it hoping to have it back on the road soon.
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          Originally posted by scumdog View Post
          Saw you there - an ALWAYS yarning to somebody when I was wanting to catch up with you!
          Some nice cars there! (crappy weather though)
          Good on ya for making the big trek north Scumdog!

          Okay all you Squarebirders from the Northern Hemisphere, it's Monday - what did you and your Thunderbird get up to in the weekend?


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            Stunning photography work Alistair!
            I was a bit stunned to see your bird setting so close to the road you have hydraulics when yer driving?

            Adored the Duster as well, I had bought one for my eldest to work on, but after took for a fun ride and tore the exhaust off on RR tracks decided that indeed he needed more time before having a vehicle...

            This is a delightful idea, Thanks for suggesting it!

            I myself have nothing to add...was sanding and priming a file cabinet, trimming trees, weeds and cleaning the cat boxes...


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              Allistair thanks for the pixs as they look fantastic with the backdrop of the mountains with the snow and nice looking wheels.
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                Unfortunately, the car is in the garage amongst construction debris and not really accessable, so it didn't come out this past weekend. Besides, it rained.

                But, this is what I did do:

                That's me and my 3 girls at a church father daughter dance.
                DGS (aka salguod)
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                  Oh how sweet!

                  Lovely girls you have there Doug!
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                    What I did in the weekend

                    What a great picture, Doug! Ya know, sometimes there are a lot better things to do than playing with our old cars... Especially when you cant do anything with them at the time. I am sure your daughters are going to remember that time spent with Dad for a long time.

                    For about the last 10 years, since Faye passed away, I have made it a habit to "date" my grandchildren that live here in San Antonio. Every week, I take them to supper, usually on Friday nights. The things you learn by sitting there and listening to them talk! The things they can learn from you are important also. When I am with my other grandchildren that live out of town, I "date" them also by taking them some place special, sometimes to eat, sometimes to do something else. I am building memories with them, and them with me. So keep building those memories! You have three great looking girls there!
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                      Ray you are the mastercard logo in living flesh....



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                        swedish Squarebird-Thunderbird gathering camp

                        Last weekend, the Swedish Squarebird-Thunderbird 58-66 club arranged the annual "Weekend Camping BBQ & stuff".
                        I am lucky to live in an area where the owners of these cars are quite active in arranging meetings and small adventures. There are cars all over Sweden, but this country is quite big in size, even if we only are nearly as many here as in the state of Michigan, making travelling quite expensive, if you live far from the event. Please have in mind that gas is twice as expensive as in USA.
                        But that didnīt stop one gentleman, who drove nearly 600 km ( approx 373 miles ) one way to attend.
                        The whole thig started on Friday and the last people to leave, did that on Sunday. I was there over Saturday and drove home in the night. Just before I arrived, I took the 10 minute extra turn to a small village where they have an old petrol station next to the modern one. It was a GREAT day with a lot of cars, nice people, funny silly games and BBQ. We ended up with a "Rock & Roll concert" by a new young talanted artist, named Sixten. He did Elvis, Jonny Cash songs and asked us if we where familiar with Hank Williams as well ? The audience was between 30 and 70. He is 10 , and was awesome with his guitar. What a guy! Check this video out from "Sweden got talant":
                        You have to excuse me as most pictures was over exposed by some reason. I tryed to help them a bit by the computers "photo-adjust" program.
                        Please enjoy.
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                          On request: Sixten!
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                            Hey Anders,
                            I wish I could have seen all them Thunderbirds together! Thanks for the photos. I fill like I have died and gone to Thunderbird Heaven!
                            The dog would have to go!!!
                            Richard D. Hord
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