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    Anyone ever use one of these? The description sounds pretty good. An enclosed storage unit around here is $500/month. About an hour away I could find one around $350/month. That's a lot. Is this better than just a covered port?

    There are different variations on it.

    * A Virtual Time Capsule For Your Car

    Did you ever wish you could seal your perfectly polished and detailed 1955-1979 Ford Thunderbird into its own protective bubble, keeping it safe from dings, condensation, and all the environmental gremlins that slowly turn it from new to old? Well, with MAC's Auto Parts you can, with the ingenious Car Capsule. You just drive your car onto the laminated fabric basemat, then zip the durable, clear 8 mil PVC bubble over the top. A built-in fan and filter provides a continuous flow of dry, filtered air while your car rests inside, preventing rust from condensation.

    And another.

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    I have a friend that keeps his restored 55 in one. He loves it and his car is always spotless but its also inside a climate controlled garage. No dust ever gets on the car when doing other things in his garage. Outside??? I wouldn't even think of it because there is no true protection from humidity or any type of security.


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      What would you all do it a garage was not an option?


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        There is no substitute for indoor storage, especially where you live. If you can't afford to rent a garage then you are going to watch your car deteriorate before your eyes. The bodies on cars built back then were not designed to last more than a few years exposed to the elements. Cars today use a lot more aluminum and plastic in areas where sheet metal was used years ago. Unibody design was in it's infancy when Thunderbirds starting using it in 1958 and how to waterproof it was not fully understood. Today unibody is the norm and much has been learned as to how to keep water out.

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          If there were reasonably priced garages or storage units ($200/month) it wouldn't be so much a problem. But $400-$500 is too much.

          Probably if I can't find one it might be a good idea to sell my car and then wait until I am in a different situation to buy another right?


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            Unfortunately I have to agree with you. These cars are not worth $6000/year storage fees. Simply does not work! If you don't love it or the old car hobby, I suggest selling it and cutting your losses ASAP. An old car is seldom a profitable investment we are involved because we love it and truly enjoy the hobby.

            Even if you give it away, you will be ahead of the game in a few months at $500/mo.
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