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Dash Mounted Street Light Viewer

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  • Dash Mounted Street Light Viewer

    This seems like a barely useful item. Meant to be used when a traffic light is above you and you have to lean forward in order to look up and see if the light is changed to green or not.

    But I think it's neat as a nostalgic add-on. Has anyone ever seen or used one of these? Thoughts? Is it ridiculous or amazing?

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    Nope, never ever seen one, that's definitely a first for me.

    Chris.....From OZ.


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      They are sort-of cool, nostalgic, etc - apparently the place that you used to stop your car for a traffic light was closer than it is now - probably "was" useful but I guess things are standardized now and makes them obsolete. Not even sure if the traffic signals have the cut out at the bottom to direct the light down any more.

      I've seen them in old movies etc on various cars but I sort of like the clean dash look. I'm one of those that never understood the fuzzy dice thing either - so I may be weird.

      Had a fellow look in my car at a gas station once and he was commenting on how nice the dash was - then he saw the GPS - he cracked up and said "man - that's just wrong".

      (yeah - I had put my steering wheel back on crooked after replacing the shifter plate)


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        I like the clean dash look too. One thing I could use it for would be a makeup mirror lol! Bc the sun visor doesn't have it.


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          Nevermind, I guess this isn't a mirror but more of a reflector.


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            Actually it is like a prism - often used in pre mid 50's cars that had exterior sun visors. Traffic light viewers were useful in the day allowing a driver to view a stoplight that was obstructed by that visor. Nostalgic and readily available now as originals and in reproductions.
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              "New versions" of Traffic Light Viewers made of sheet prism plastic are for sale. These are sold from Light In Sight:

              I could never see traffic lights from my Corvette, Charger, Challenger, and now my Thunderbird. Price appears as $17.50 each for one, two for $16.00 each with free shipping. Nothing to install except water and a sponge.