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Replacing Light Bulbs With LED's...

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  • Replacing Light Bulbs With LED's...

    There has been considerable postings on this Forum regarding replacing our OEM light bulbs with modern LED's. I just received my September/October 2018 issue of the VTCI Scoop. For those of you who are VTCI members and have made this swap, or are contemplating it, you may want to read the article on Page 36 titled "LED Astray"... Or see if you can borrow a VTCI members copy. Or better yet, not a VTCI Member? Join! In addition to that, there is an article starting on Page 41 titled "Taillights/Marker Lights NO Flashing or Rapid Flashing". It can be found on this website:

    I am making no judgement regarding the pro's & con's of LED vs OEM light bulbs. Just passing on the information.

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    I'm still in the process of replacing the instrument lights with LED's. It is a trial and error process. How? Not every LED replacement bulb will fit everywhere. One exception is the shift position light with its thin short housing requires the shortest single LED possible. Other exceptions are the ash tray bulb, but you can squeeze most the a 4 LED bulb in the holder.