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Jim Reed Comments on K-H Rims

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  • Jim Reed Comments on K-H Rims

    The following link and comments were sent to me from Jim Reed ~ 352tb430. Those of you who might be considering buying a set of KH rims, or own them already may find the link and his comments interesting. This information is posted with his permission.

    Stumbled onto to this site above. Decades ago I used to think I wanted K-H wires on my sqbirds after seeing some sqbirds with K-H in the 70s. In more recent decades, I lost interest for a variety of reasons (including hearing/reading about some worst case stories). Also I don't want to clean them; no wires for me...

    Interesting discussion here. Hope it doesn't spook owners of wires, but it may be educational and might give you a good reason to examine yours closely. Of course, they want you to buy their new repops, so you kinda have to keep that in mind when you see their warnings. Just like tire manufacturers say you should junk your unsafe "old" tires when they are 6 years old and buy new ones (something I never do, but I am paying more attention now to my radials cracking along the tread/sidewall. Disappointed; radials don't last as long as bias age-wise, imo)...

    Btw, I plan to run 15" generic steel wheels on at least one of my sqbirds. If anyone has 1 or more clean Ford 15x6" steel wheels (4.5" bolt pattern as used on most 60s/70s Fords (except the really big Fords/T-birds of the 70s), I would be interested in them. I found some cheap ($59 +free shipping) 215/R75/15 brand-x narrow whitewalls on ebay. Ordered one to see what it looks like and it looks nice, so I plan to buy 4 more.

    Clicked on some other links on this site and they have some nice pics of vintage T-birds & others, including some '62 & up cars with wide whitewalls (incorrect of course).

    I owned a couple of '63 Roadsters with wires. The wires looked great on them as that's what they came with. Now it seems like the whole world thinks they need repop wires on everything from '61 Plymouths, '56 Crown Vics, '59 Buicks, sqbirds, et al. Seems like it is almost rare today to see a '55/7 bird without them (of course, guys started putting them on little birds in the 60s).

    All those cars, like a '57 Skyliner with K-H, just look like over-blinged on 'roids with wire wheels, imo. NO ONE ever put wires those cars until recent years when repops arrived. We nearly never saw wires on anything decades ago. Just distracting and period-unperfect, IMOFAR opinion!

    I say NO to wires! Glad I never bought any for my sqbirds. Glad I got rid of my roadsters and wires. The wires were one reason, but they weren't sqbirds and that's the main reason.

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