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  • Victrola

    Anyone else have a Victrola?

    I have my Grandad's old Pathe'. Been working on it a while and just sold my Player Piano so want to get the head on the Victrola restored. Mostly just needs the seals that hold the mica sound disc replaced because they have dried out (buzzes and rattles) but also the sticker behind the sound disc is peeling slightly.

    Not sure how fragile the stickers are and would try to do it myself but don't want to ruin it.

    Also the tone arm? base (pot metal) was broken so I just filled it with JB Weld then re-drilled the openings for sound. It had a shaft in the center for mounting and then oval holes on either side for the sound to travel by. Worked great. Not sure if I'm putting too much weight on the records though. No adjustments as far as that goes so was probably just made correctly to begin with and I'm not sure my repair was exact. Might be able to add a few washers to raise the arm if necessary.

    Looking for a good forum (like Squarebirds !!!) to discuss and ask my really stupid questions as well as find a shop to restore the head. Seems years ago I heard of a guy in NY that was the best.

    I'll get a pic or two if anyone is interested.


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    Yes, I'm interested. I have a 1963 Rowe Ami Stereoround 100 Record Juke Box. The B side solenoid isn't working properly & won't release the pin. At this point I only play the popular A side until I have someone to fix it.

    Chris....From OZ.


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      I have too many hobbies - way too many. Among other things I tinker around with old pinball machines. They have solenoids for many things like flippers, ball eject, etc probably similar to the one on your Juke Box. Wish we were a wee bit closer - I'd be glad to take a look.

      Bet if I found a Juke Box cheap enough I'd have one of those too (My wife would say - another hobby? and I'd spend another few months in the dog house).

      Here's the Victrola. It's the floor model wind up type. Model X . As you can see the old cloth material screen at the front sound opening is gone (all tattered so I just removed it) and I still have to finish the cork scroll work above the sound opening. Used to be dark brown but I'm covering the old cork with gold leaf to make it look a little better. Will find some new material for the sound opening as well - haven't started looking for that yet.

      Here's the sound head. Hard to see but the "Pathe" decal is slightly peeling off in the top center. The white seals that hold the mica disc in place are all dried out and allow the disc to rattle. Always amazes me that the mica disc is so clear. The metal needle stem in the center is held in place only by wax.

      Here's a spare sound head that I have - as you can see the decal is also peeling off. My problem is what glue to use. Certainly wouldn't want to use something that would ruin the decal or sticker or what ever it's called. I had been thinking just plain old contact cement - possibly what was used "back then".

      Here's the sound arm that I repaired. It had broken where the chrome tube meets the black base.

      Here it is separated. All the gray material is JB Weld that I used to replace the mounting shaft in the center. Then drilled out the shapes for the sound to pass through. There was enough of one side of the original left that I could tell this was close to what it looked like originally (and it seems to work fine) but not sure if I mounted it exactly the right height so may be putting too much weight on the needle and records. Not sure that was even a concern when it was made but one of the questions I want to ask on a Victrola forum.

      Back of the sound head - pat 1918 but not really sure what year mine was made - probably 20's-30's.

      Also have my Grandad's old 1922 Pandora Crystal Radio (and the 20's Quaker Oats container that he kept it in !)

      Hope you enjoy the pics.

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        Hi Eric. Yes, it would be nice if you were a bit closer. Hope you find someone to fix it, unless you work it out yourself.

        Chris.....From OZ.


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          I've rebuilt a couple of Victrola reproducers with great results. The sound volume and clarity was much better after the rebuild. There are company's that sell the required parts for very little money and the job is easy. The kits come with or without mica diaphragms depending on what you need. I'm not sure if they carry parts for the pathe, but if the dimensions are the same the victrola kits should work. The center arm that attaches to the mica diaphragm is held with a small screw that is under the paraffin. The kit came with excellent instructions on how to adjust all the screws to maximize performance. Search the web.



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            Vernon - thanks - apparently the Pathe is different from most. The mica disc is larger etc.

            Been searching and couple of folks say the white silicone tubing is too stiff and large for the Pathe. See a lot of that on ebay.

            Have found these folks that list the correct size disc and have contacted them about the gasket material. At least they have the Pathe listed so hopefully they know which gasket material works best.


            Also have a lead on a place in Michigan as well as another fellow on a Victrola forum.

            Can't wait to rebuild mine and start listening to some "good" music.