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  • A Lincoln of Distinction

    Off topic but this is a fascinating video-Jay Leno's 1966 Lincoln Continental

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    Peter, thank you for posting that fascinating video! I just finished watching it and learned a lot from it. I am not sure, but we may have a 1966 or 1967 Lincoln Continental owner or two on this Forum. If we do, they will learn a lot about the car they own that, perhaps, they do not know about already. The Convertible tops on these cars are really fascinating, as are the convertible tops on the Flairbirds and previous years. As Dave ~ simplyconnected always says, if you own a convertible you need to exercise that top several times a month. Otherwise to leave it down or up, and not exercise it, leads to problems down the road that can be expensive to repair. Over the years I have seen a lot of Squarebird 1960 Convertible owners sell their Tbird because of top problems. They are often caused by lack of use or exercising that system on a regular basis, instead of letting it sit for years without being used...

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      Thanks Ray-I hoped it would be a relevant post.I will be watching it a few times-there is a lot of knowledge there.