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    My Name is Thunderbird
    What's that?

    Recently somebody asked me what was a thunderbird. I am generally curious of things but came to never try to find out what a thunderbird looks like. I said it was probably some kind of indian mystic spirit but I would like to know.
    So what is a thunderbird and why Ford came with this name?

    I am not sure I posted in the right section !?

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    Eric, this is a good place to post this question... Here are two answers, either which may be correct...

    Two stories are out there when it comes to how Ford came to name the car that would created a new niche in the world of motorcars—the personal luxury car. One version of the story says that Ford Executive Ernie Breech came up with the name after joining the posh Thunderbird Country Club in Palm Springs.

    The other tale says that “thunderbird” name was suggested by longtime Ford auto designer Alden Giberson in a 1953 contest put on by Ford executives who were stymied when they couldn’t come up with anything on their own.

    No matter which story you believe, the idea of the “thunderbird” comes from the same place: the Native American legend of a mythic bird that created thunder and lightning. Many different tribes of the American Southwest, Great Plains, and Pacific Northwest had their own version this incredible bird that could shoot lightening from its eyes and create thunderous storms just by flapping its wings.

    Here are images of what the various American Indian tribes across the West and Northwest USA thought the Thunderbird looked like to the various tribes.

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      Eric to add to Ray's comments the word Thunderbird in most North American indigenous peoples' history implies " power and strength ". In Canada's west coast Vancouver/ Vancouver Island ( USA Pacific Rim ) there are hundreds of Totem poles depicting the bands interpretation of the Thunderbird.
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        Thank you Dan and Ray. I will be prepared next time I am asked!