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  • Sliding ragtop

    I saw this squarebird at a car meeting in Sweden with sliding ragtop. Nice assembly on this car. Probably purchased on this site: or this

    Some may have seen it on Facebook.

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    All to their own, but it doesn't turn me on at all.

    Chris......From OZ.


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      Chris I thought that as well at first but appreciate the owners work on the sliding sunroof concept and keeping it simple.
      Not my thing but as we have said many times " your car your ideas "
      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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        I've actually thought about this quite a bit, sort of halfway to a convertible. But the trim around the opening just looks like it came off the sort of tag-a-long trailer you might park at a hunting plot. I might be interested if there was a model that didn't look so cheap. Then again, I rarely open the sunroof on my daily driver simply because it's so small it just feels like I've fallen down a well. There really is no substitute for a full convertible.