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Submitting Your Tbird For Consideration For The 2020 Calendar?

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  • Submitting Your Tbird For Consideration For The 2020 Calendar?

    If you are this Summer and are pondering on how best to pose her, take a look at the beautiful 1960 Squarebird Convertible, Tbird Of The Month Of July, 2019. The picture is pretty well posed, except that the front and rear end of the Bird came close to being cropped when the printer created that picture for the 2019 Calendar... Back off slightly from the car and allow about 3/4" of an inch between the frame of the picture and the front and the back end of the car. As you will see in the picture I chose to select, Adam Rohr did leave a bit of space between the picture frame edge and the front and rear of the car. However, during the printing process, if you look at your calendar, and the last picture here, you will see that the nose and tail end of the car came awfully closed to being cropped off... So allow yourself a bit more distance away from the car when taking pix so that does not happen. Over the years, I have had to reject some great looking pix because they were taken to close to the car, and if used, would have cropped the nose, and/or the tail off the car... First is the picture that Adam sent me, followed by the one that I photoshopped to prepare it for the calendar, followed by the actual picture from the Calendar.

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