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Memorial Day In Europe....

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  • Memorial Day In Europe....

    Just as we honor our War dead of the past, many people in Europe have not forgotten what our country did to save them from the ravages of WW II, and the lives we lost in doing so...

    Kim & Theo van Heel de Kok ~ kimentheo of The Netherlands are two of our members who honor the memory of 1,722 American whose names are inscribed on the Walls of the Missing. The remains of the majority of these soldiers have not been recovered, even after 70 years after the end of the war. They rest in unknown graves. Among those buried in Margraten are six Medal of Honor recipients, the U.S.' highest military award. Buried there also are 8,301 servicemen who lost their lives to save them from total enslavement. The peoples of Belguim and other European countries also honor our war dead this day. Here is what Kim & Theo had to say and also some pix I found that you will find to be interesting...

    "Though we were unable to attend the Memorial Day ceremony at Margraten Field today, our thoughts and hearts go out to brave young men who gave (and still give) the ultimate sacrifice. We will remember them! And at 17:06 hrs the F-16’s passed over our house, returning to nearby Volkel Airbase. They attended Margraten Field to perform the Missing Man formation. It’s just as if they sounded a little different from their normal daily flights, sad but proud…

    Meanwhile our Thunderbird has had some mechanical work done and the tires changed. What a difference this makes in driving experience! Radial tires make a 59 year old car drive almost like a new one (except for the braking part…)

    Also we have come into contact with the former owner, a now 83 year old lady. She has had the car since she was 26 years young (the car was two when she bought it), at first drove it as a every day car and at some point kept it dry stored in a barn until 1984. In that year she had the car restored and from that moment on only used it for concourses. Some years ago she and her husband had to let go of their cherished old timers, because their daughter felt more comfortable when they moved closer to her. So, we are third owners. Quite seldom for a car that old to have had only three owners! Best regards, Kim and Theo."
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