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  • John Young RIP

    There are very very few people I would label as a legend and hero. John Young was one of the few. Gemini, Apollo, walked on the moon and piloted the space shuttle...and he didnít shout about it.
    RIP John Young....God Speed

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    John Young was one I looked up to. He was all Navy starting in their ROTC and ending as Chief of NASA's Astronaut Office. He retired, but still showed up at their meetings for several years.

    John got into trouble for smuggling a corned beef sandwich onto his spacecraft, a feat he was reprimanded for. The US House of Representatives were not pleased about the stunt, claiming that Young cost tax payers millions of dollars. (My kind of guy.)

    John was also very critical of NASA management following the Challenger disaster. (Again, my hero.)

    Rest in Peace, John. Your 42-years of exemplary service is unmatched as you are the best of the best.
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      There's a place in my heart for these space pioneers, and John Young was one of them.

      We need to return to the moon.