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fallbrook fire (Lilac fire) 2017

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  • fallbrook fire (Lilac fire) 2017

    Dec. 7 fire started, Dry condition wind and lots of fuel it was just the best for fire that and drought , south of Town was on mandatory evacuation since Thursday, Sunday they gave us the ok open the roads, but fire moving out going down the river going out to Oside.


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    by Randy harsha, on Flickr[/IMG],,,,,,,,,,,,
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    i'll be able to get better ones tomorrow. Dave Dare called me to see
    if we where OK said where checking in on our Fallbrook Square and if need something, or a place to go. that was so kind and most appreciated we can feel the LOVE (Agape) thanks for thinking of us! not much rest past few days .This Square is Swell.
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    My prayers go out to the victims of this terrible tragedy in California. This is so sad to see in pictures and on the news.

    I did call Randy and offered him a place if he is burned out. We discussed the horses who tragically incinerated and the good people who were hospitalized, trying to save them.

    These fires are horrible. Water pressure is very low, the fire dept's are using people's pool water because it's available and close but many times they quit dousing a house because firefighters are needed elsewhere.

    Some gusts of Santa Ana winds reached hurricane levels of over 85-MPH, which picks up embers and quickly transports them miles away, starting a new fire. That's why so many fires spread so far apart.

    Here is a picture released by the Santa Barbara County Fire Dept...

    Over 1,000 structures burned as 200,000 acres burned (so far) as California's 5th largest fire continues. - Dave
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      Our thoughts and prayers are with the thousands of people affected during this terrible ordeal.
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        Hopefully they'll get things under control in the very near future.
        I tip my hat to the Firefighters & volunteers.

        Chris....From OZ.


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          I have 3 other friends down in the Oceanside area. 2 of them had mandatory evacuations and the 3rd was on constant alert. So far they are all fine and the 2 that had to evacuate have returned to their homes. One of the evacuees is also a member here and had to leave the Bird. Fortunately his home was spared and all survived. So glad to hear that you hopefully made it through this and all is okay. Here in the L.A. area they are still fighting the Thomas fire with little or no control in sight.


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            Fire and wind thats just bad, a fire Fighter was interviewed about all the things they do to save a houes if possible , move all the Stuff away from next to it , woodpiles, lawn furniture, boxes and everything else anything that's next to the house, I didn't know all that, and people and there pets to. The Fighters are amazing .
            sigpic"You're never too old to become younger".!(MW)
            Randy's Save the Bird Foundation
            In Beautiful Fallbrook California
            !.This is the Greatest Square on Earth.!