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Asbestos concerns when importing

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  • Asbestos concerns when importing

    The latest barrier to Aussies importing cars from the US (and other countries) is upon us. The Border Force department of our Customs service is now hot on all asbestos products being removed from vehicles that have been imported before they are cleared to be released to the importer.

    When you consider it, its not just the obvious brake linings etc, its also gaskets and seals everywhere in the car. As is usually the case with Customs, its up to the importer to prove that the car does not contain asbestos products or they will not release it.

    If there is asbestos present then the importer must have it removed (at the docks) and cleared by certified inspection at their cost. As you can imagine, this can run into thousands of dollars very quickly, and with the shipping agents charging holding fees also..... you can easily spend more than the original vehicle cost.

    Just another speed bump in the road for us classic car enthusiasts here in Australia. As a side note, I had Customs remove the bulb from the dealers' travel light gift in the glove box from one of my T-Birds as it contained "gas" that they would not allow......but the lights all through the car were considered acceptable. Go figure...
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    Just another loop for us to jump through, we can buy brand new cars that have asbestos in them like greatwall vehicles. Go pick on one of those pieces of Cr*p rather then a classic


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      Man I feel for you Aussie car guys. I though we Kiwis had it bad but it NOTHING like Aussie.
      My hobbies are guns/hunting, motorcycles and hot-rods/classic vehicles and I'd be screwed with all those if I lived in Aussie.
      Love the country, love the people but oh the government and beurocracy....

      Persist guys, persist.
      Otherwise they'll turn you into another Singapore!

      PS An Aussie visitor to our Beach Hop looked at my '55 F100 and said: "Mate, you'd never get out the driveway with that set up in Aussie"
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        Spot on Tom, my neighbour is from the Shaky Isles (North Island) and he is aghast at all the nanny rules we have for everything over here. it just keeps getting worse. I can tell you as an employer I spend more than 50% of my time satisfying bureaucrats, and don't get me started on their double ups in paperwork

        It's even worse in South Australia for classic car guys although as Chris (Bird60) has recently told us their rules have relaxed somewhat of late.

        I think Mike (Wyldie) hit the nail on the head, the chinese cars we have over here are full of asbestos but as they are new, they don't worry about it.

        Luckily, were are a persistent mob... us Aussies
        Thunderbird Registry 21903 & 33405