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Free Vehicle History Report (This is not spam)

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  • Free Vehicle History Report (This is not spam)

    We all know that Carfaxes are about $40.

    There are other vehicle history sources that charge between $5 and $15.

    Then there are the scammers that advertise free history reports but when you put in the VIN all they tell you for free is that there IS a report and then they hit you up for money.

    Well, this week I found a website that provides free history reports that really are free. No scam, no gimmicks.

    Generates a report for post 1981 vehicles that have 17 digit VINs. Probably no more or less accurate than Carfax or the others. They all get their information from the same sources, just package it differently.

    It's no substitute for due diligence but it's a helpful start.

    I ran a report on my 2003 Dakota PU and it accurately picked up the salvage title that I knew about before buying the truck.

    Don't take my word for it, try it yourself.