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    I have just been watching the first season of Perry Mason-
    The Case of The Long Legged Models features a 1958 Squarebird and further episodes feature a 1958 convertible driven by Paul Drake-They actually look great in black and white and its nice to see them being driven in contemporary surroundings

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    Peter that's one series I never knew about and yes, it is great to see them used in everyday settings. If you go to the main page hit the " search button " black half arrow, it will drop down to enter the search name you want. Type in "movies" hit search and you can read other threads / posts about them in movies..
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      I remember seeing a '59 convertible in an episode of the Twilight Zone. The odd thing that I noticed was that it had a black steering wheel. Of course the most famous show for Thunderbirds was 77 Sunset Strip. I have about 100 episodes and it's always interesting to watch. Especially when they go from a distance shot to a closeup and the year and model of the car changes. I guess they figured it was cheaper using a stock shot and nobody would notice.
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        Here is a picture of my friend Eddie's (from New York) Thunderbird! She was seen in several parts of this movie. And of course I can't remember the name of the movie
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          American Gangster (above).

          There a 2 Squarebirds & several bullet birds shown in the classic "Sand Lot" (kids baseball) movie.
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            I am watching the Batman series from the 1960's and low and behold-two together.From season 2.Sadly the Batmobile is not in the same sequence.