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    Paid Membership Benefits - Webspace and E-Mail
    As a paid member of you get the following annual benefits for only $20 per year:

    [ul][li]A unique windshield decal.

    [li]20 MegaBytes of webspace on this site, where you can upload and download files - display your photos of your cars, family and hobbies here. Paid members can also upload photos to the forums directly.

    [li]An e-mail address of your choice ending in

    [li]An exclusive turquoise Member icon next to their user name on the message board.

    [li]More, larger and personal Avatars to choose from.

    [li]Ability to put images in your signature.

    [li]Full details on performing the disc brake conversion for Squarebirds. Found in the Members Conference Forum for Paid Members only.

    [li]You support a site that brings valuable information to 1955-2005 Thunderbird, Falcon and other Ford owners.

    [li]Other special benefits, such as getting a solid state CVR unit at a discount, or other special benefits that come up.[/ul]

    The easiest way to become a paid member is to click on the Donate to Site button at the top right hand side of the Forum. That will bring up a box from your User ID information that will allow you to select a one time payment opportunity. Click on the membership donation option for a one time payment. Under the Cost figure, you can click on the down arrow and you will find it is US$20.01 for each. Make sure that amount shows in the Cost box. Paid membership cost is only $20yr. The US$20.01 was to differentiate between Lincolns Of Distinction and Squarebird memberships. Click on the appropriate Order button and it will take you through the Order process. Or you can send a check or money order for $20 made out to "Lincolns of Distinction" to:

    Lincolns of Distinction
    188 Arbogast Lane,
    Morgantown, WV 26508

    These are the two best ways to pay for your membership. Should you have problems, you can contact me according to the information below.

    Lincolns of Distinction ( ) owns the server that this site is on.

    Your webspace can be used for any personal use that you choose, but because of the Forum's liability cannot be used for pornographic or offensive material; illegal activity such as pirated software or music; or commercial activity (using it for storing of pictures for auctions such as eBay is permissible, as long as you are not a professional dealer). Accounts will be checked periodically. You are responsible for anything found on your site. Please keep your login information secret.

    Thanks for your support of this site!
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    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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    "It's Hip To Be Square"
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