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Am I the only member who rebuilt my Y-Block?

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    By my NOT being a purist, I've put off a lot of folks. Seeing and driving our classics on the road really tickles me but pure stock cars from the day are in dangerous competition with modern cars that wear disc brakes, R&P steering, etc., on modern interstate highways. I believe pure stock cars from the '50s belong in the garage or on a trailer.

    I applaud anyone who customizes THEIR car to suit THEIR fancy. As you said, we never know how long we have to enjoy the sweet nectar of our labor (and there's no guarantee). Am I selfish? You betcha. My wife says, 'Look at all this 'men's stuff'. Let's sell it or … It's not fair to the kids, to make them clean it out." Too bad, it's mine right now and when I'm done with it I really don't care what anyone does with all my stuff. "I'm waitin' for the chariot 'cause I'm ready to go when God calls me home." In the mean time, my cars and hobbies are my incentive to get out of bed. I started working at Ford Motor in 1971 so that I could be HERE, right now and I'm feelin' great in my old age.

    I'm reminded of a Confucious saying: If you want sex, get married. If you want happiness, grow a garden.

    It's plain to me that Confucious never went 150-MPH in his Mustang Convertible, or he would have found my kind of happiness.

    You go get it, Earnie. Put that '56 top on your '54. Ford put a Squarebird top on our '59 Ford and called it a Galaxie. That simple upgraded made the Galaxie package. There are lots of changes Ford should have done over the years that hot rodders were ahead of. I only wish we lived closer and YES, we do bleed Ford blue. - Dave
    My latest project:
    CLICK HERE to see my custom hydraulic roller 390 FE build.

    "We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?"
    --Lee Iacocca


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      Amen brother, Amen!

      Personally, I like to keep them looking stock, but underneath, what you can’t see can’t hurt you.
      Balljoints are a good thing. So are front discs. I grew up on drums so it took today’s North Texas traffic to change my mind. When California moved here, they brought their driving style with them.

      I learned to build Y-Blocks because everyone else was running big block Dodge, SBCs and thin Wall Fords.

      One thing about a Y. When you fire one up, nobody mistakes it for anything else.