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    Hi. I came across a 1958 squarebird that I got for my stepson and the deal came with a rebuilt FE 352 that was left out in the rain one time...the gentleman i got it from said all parts, bolts were in the bags as motor was dissambnled. I took motor to machine shop to have it done right but there is a crucial bolt missing.....the camshaft-eccentric bolt that has a washer, spring and cap. We are unable to find this part and if someone has a spare would be more than happy to pay for it. Other option is to get new camshaft from ARP whom supposedly makes camshaft to over ride the pre 60 s spring and bolt set up
    .any help in finding solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated.....thanks everyone...

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    How about this one: It's the correct part number for 1958-62 Ford and Thunderbird 352 and 390. Do you have the clip that holds the spring.

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      Hi John...yes I have the clip and the pic you sent me is the correct one...thanks so much..