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What was the original carb for my 352?

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  • What was the original carb for my 352?

    I have a 352 with a 2 bbl intake. It runs fine but should be a 4 bbl. I just bought an original 4 bbl intake, C2AE8425C that I need a carb for. What was the original part number for this Ford carb so I can search for the right thing? I don't want after market, just something that bolts up and looks original. The ports measure 1.6 inches.


    Bill A wabateATverizonDOTnet

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    The Ford 4100 was the main carburetor used although I believe there was a holly optional carb. My 1960 came with the 4100 - as far as I know this is the original carb. The air cleaner housing is made to fit the 4100. Do not have the part numbers for the carb although mine still has a tag on it with the Ford script. Unfortunately my car is a couple of hours away at the moment so can't get that tag number. I'm sure some of the other guys will know.

    You will also need the tapered carb spacer. Made of bakelite or a phenolic type material to keep the intake heat away from the carb and level it out since the engine sits at a slight angle.

    The 4100 has a unique fuel filter that screws into the carb. It is not produced aftermarket so your will have to find a NOS or used one. Think the 430 style filter is still reproduced but requires an adapter.

    This is a NOS AC replacement - think the replacement part numbers are listed in the Technical Resource Library.



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      Eric, Thank you for the info. I did not realize the spacer was tapered! That will be fun to find! I have a fuel filter in the bowl on the fuel pump base so I can cross that off of the list. Hope this effort is all worth it. Thanks again, Bill A.


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        The correct carburetor will have a C2SF on the driver side base and a 1:12 above it. You can pretty much use any Autolite 4100 that has 1:12 venturis. The only difference is how the heat tube connects to the choke. Some come out the side of the choke housing and some go in the bottom.

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          Thanks John for the info. That will help.

          Bill A


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            there should be one here that works
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            thanks Bruce


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              at the other end, the air filter housing may not fit (or all of a sudden it fits extremely well!)

              If the original 4 barrel got tossed, it's possible someone jerry rigged the air filter housing. I had to get a machinist friend to create a spacer that was missing.

              The details are always a challenge!

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