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Is a 429 a FE?

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  • Is a 429 a FE?

    Will a 429 from a 68 T-bird bolt up to the cruiseomatic and fit in a squarebird?

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    Is a 429 a FE?

    Hi Scott, the answer to the first question is this...

    Ford 427 and 428 are both in the FE family engines and the 429 is in the 385 engine family and related to the 460 IIRC.

    So, the answer is no. The answer to the next question as to whether or not you can shoe horn a 429 into the Squarebird engine bay and mate it to a COM is going to have to be answered by someone who really knows their engine stuff, like our webmaster, Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, or John Pizzi ~ jopizz. Or one of the other guys who have been down that road before. I would imagine that motor mounts might be a problem, let alone if it will mate with a COM..

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      Originally posted by junker nutz View Post
      Will a 429 from a 68 T-bird bolt up to the cruiseomatic and fit in a squarebird?
      Junker, I had a 429, I gave it to a friend for a 455 after I was told no to the same question. But, I imagine you could adapt the 429 and a C6 into the bird.

      It'd probably be easier and cheaper to get a flairbird from someone and swap that into the squarebird


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        OK thanks guys


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          the 429 will physically fit in place of the 352-428 however the back of the blocks are not the same.

          the 429 bellhousing pattern is the same as 62-68 430 -462 mel series motors

          which also use a cruisomatic transmission hence the match

          motor mounts are custom