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Manual shift trans is grinding.

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    Originally posted by KULTULZ View Post
    The trouble with your setup is the full surround blow proof housing. It makes it difficult to inspect the clutch asm.

    Usually, it is a worn/bent/contaminated disc that will cause clutch chatter. That and heat glaze/hot spots on the flywheel and/or pressure plate face.

    That is my worry with my hot-rod '37 too.

    Ansen scattershield and I'm considering a hydraulic throw-out bearing...
    A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.


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      Old Style-

      Have you thought about a cable setup?


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        Yeah, that Lakewood bellhousing came with the trans when I bought it. The flywheel was a refurbish from a small outfit online.

        Do you think it helps the wear and tear to go with a "dual friction" clutch kit on a RatBird like mine? I eventually want to make a 445 stroker out of my 390 and will need some kind of an upgrade to handle the torque. Hopefully end up with HP in the low 400's.

        Dave J


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          Study this URL-

          Originally posted by KULTULZ POST #20

          This will give you an idea about a performance clutch asm-