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Horsepower in 352 vs 390

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  • Horsepower in 352 vs 390

    I've been wondering for a while now how both of the 352 and 390 FE engines were rated at 300 horsepower. Is this actually the case or was the power output on the 352 overstated?

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    Horsepower in 352 vs 390 ...

    IIRC the 352 was higher compression (10.2:1) and had a stouter solid lifter cam. The 300/390 probably produced more torque than the 352. I'm sure someone with more info will respond. Mike


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      I think what happened (conjecture only) is that the first 352 was a solid lifter engine with special heads that most likely did dyno @ or near 300HP. Early in the 1958 production year, FORD complied with the NO RACING BAN and the 352 was de-tuned (also went to a hydraulic valve-train).

      FORD kept the previous HP rating as cars were sold by expected performance back then.

      You can make good HP from a 352 but IMO one could just bore the 352 to a 390 (with crank kit) and have a very nice street engine. The block will still have the correct numbers for a dedicated restoration.

      Your mileage may vary...