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Update - John's 430 website

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  • Update - John's 430 website

    Just finished adding a lot to my member website

    - Engine disassembly and reassembly sections. I am not an expert and if any members care to comment and nitpick - the feedback is welcome!
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    John Orwin
    1960 HT 430
    VTCI #11290
    Tbird Registry #1590

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    Sorry - did not notice that the original thread was moved to 430 MEL. This will probably be the last postings on the 430 for a while. I will be putting up details of the front and rear suspension, and rear end rebuilds. I'll leave it to the webmasters to decide where to put the post.

    John Orwin
    1960 HT 430
    VTCI #11290
    Tbird Registry #1590


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      Hey John,
      Engine looks awesome! Keep us posted!!!
      Richard D. Hord
      sigpic'60 Thunderbird "Christine"
      Registry #33436


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        I second Richard's post. That 430 looks massive and handsome on the stand. More, more, more!

        I think I'll visit your site to see your new additions, John. - Dave
        My latest project:
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          Update - John's 430 website

          Hi John,

          Yes, since it applied to the 430MEL engine, I moved it to the appropriate Forum. Great Stuff! I hope you do not mind me "borrowing" some of your pix here and on your web page to put in the 430MEL Picture Gallery! They will be a great addition to it for people to look at now and in the future.

          Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
          '59 Tbird "The Yellow Rose Of Texas" aka "Tweety Bird"
          "It's Hip To Be Square"
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            That 430cid looks fantastic!! Clean enough to eat off of!!

            Is you engine's oil dipstick & tube installed in this pic?

            What brand spark plug wires did you go with-they look great too!

            You are very brave going back with the original (non-AC) 4-blade cooling fan. Though it is correct for you Bird & really stands out too.

            Heck, I only have GOOD things to say John. All I'd add is a generator mounted w/s washer "vaccum" pump...

            -Jon in TX.
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              The finished motor sure looks good. The only nits I can find to pick are that there should be an additional plastic piece to organize the plug wires. It is held by the wires themselves, and it goes between the rocker arm cover and distributor. Also, it is difficult to see the metal line from the fuel filter to the carb.
              In another post you indicated that you would change the fuel pump, but it looks right the way it is.
              From the Lincoln parts book, the front cover is also listed as B9SZ-6019-A for the 58-9 Lincoln. (My book is 56-59). The oil fill tube for 58 is EDF-6754-A, and for 58-9 is listed PB8M-6754-A with the note: Use with PB8M-6750-A indicator when replacing EDF 6754-A on early 1958 Models. The 59 Models use the PB9M-6750-B indicator.
              Yes, many of the Lincoln parts dealers have the 430 items, but they are way more expensive than the Tbird guys.


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                Reading between the lines in your post re. the front cover/dipstick (indicator) issue, it sounds like there may have been more than one variety in use depending on when built or field replacement. The difference in length wouldn't matter as long as it's the right indicator for the tube.

                FYI - I have the plastic combs for the plug wires, but was in a such a rush to get the motor ready for pictures that I forgot to put them on. Same thing with the tubes to the carb - I have them but didn't put them on. Note that GTE427 has asked me to send my original vacuum advance tube to Inline Tube for duplication. Stay posted on that.

                Thanks for info,
                John Orwin
                1960 HT 430
                VTCI #11290
                Tbird Registry #1590