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430MEL Alternator Mounting Bracket?

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    Originally posted by simplyconnected View Post

    "PowerGEN provides the looks of a generator with the output & reliability of an alternator, and offers one-wire operation." -PowerGen

    Ok, which is it? I'm laughing my butt off as I read these contradictions. You guys who don't wrench on your cars, beware. Don't spend a load of money for an inferior part that is unique and expensive.

    "Use common sense and modern OEM production parts that can be found in every auto parts store across the whole country."

    But hey, it's your money and your car. Do what you want. I found 70-amps to be inadaquate for an electric fan. So did OEM's. - Dave
    I am glad you find it so humorous.

    I made this suggestion to an owner that was looking for the easiest way out. I gave him my thoughts. It is his decision of how he wants to go about it.

    Now seeing as common dialog cannot be presented here and you seeming to be a little over protective of your views, I will retire from posting here.

    This is supposedly a hobbyist site where information can be exchanged among enthusiasts. It seems I was mistaken.

    If this and other discussions are going to cause you so much uneasiness, I will simply move on.

    Maybe between your laughing fits, you cam make up a few conversion bracket sets and sell them here?


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      I'm the 2nd owner of my '60 430cid Bird. I'm staying as original as possible. I do not have electric fans. I like the advantages & O.E. look of the PowerGen.

      Like I said. It fills a "niche".

      Your comments ARE appreciated "KULTULZ". You have given us so much good information over the years on this site alone...
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        Originally posted by KULTULZ View Post
        This is supposedly a hobbyist site where information can be exchanged among enthusiasts. It seems I was mistaken.

        If this and other discussions are going to cause you so much uneasiness, I will simply move on.
        I hope you'll reconsider and continue to contribute to this forum. Unfortuately it's the one 'aw cramp' that usually stands out above the many "at-a-boys", numerous people contribute to and read this forum, the views of one person doesn't reflect the views of everyone else. I value the knowledge base and contributions you personally bring to this site with regards to Originally and also functionally, hope that you'll continue to do so.

        I likewise consider myself a purist, bias-ply, generator, vacuum wiper all suit my needs for the way I drive my car. Others write about those items with great contempt as these don't meet their requirements for the way their cars are driven. I get that. A Battery Tender and a jump box in the trunk and my generator suits me fine. I would now consider the PowerGen when the time comes, but only because of this forum (Kutulz post) that brought it to my attention. Maybe some day I may consider an Alt, that info is also on this forum if I choose that direction. A win-win.

        In general, members should be more tolerant and civil with regards to others. I read far too many un-solicited remarks about colors, wheels, tires, fender skirts, equipment, paint schemes, sometimes I feel Simon from Idol is on this forum, except that people didn't post here to be judged or criticized, they came here for the collaboration.

        Kutulz, look forward to your continuing contributions.
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          Kutulz, I am another one who would sorely miss your contributions. Especially since I have 2 J-Birds and your expertise on those engines is priceless. E-mail can be a tough communication tool because the body language and voice inflection of direct communication is missing. If not careful it is easy to step on someone when you would never do so in person.



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            THANX GUYS!

            Much appreciated...


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              I thought that this information should be posted in this thread also.

              Please forgive any artistic liberties-

              Originally posted by YellowRose View Post

              I received this from jackbird60. "Saw this Adapter bracket setup that suppose to work with our existing bracket (the 2 old dog ear bracket for the gen) Sounds like it might work. Also they sell self-exciting gen that take one wire that don't need to be revved up to start the alternator.

              Quick Start Automotive Electric™
              Your #1 Source for High Output Alternators, Stock Alternators, Starters, Components and more!!!Phone 1-616-785-7990
              | HOME PAGE | Contact Us

              UNIVERSAL ALTERNATOR BRACKET to install DELCO, FORD and CHRYSLER alternators in place of generators that have 2 mounting ears. Ideal for ag. industrial and older vehicles. Bolts to existing 2 ear generator mounting bracket.
              Complete with hardware.
              Part No.
              A200 $32.95"