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430 in a 60 HELP!

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  • 430 in a 60 HELP!

    Hi all, Im new to the squarebird site. I bought 60 convert in buckets and it came with a rebuilt 430 and rebuilt trans. However I dont think its the original engine. when I use the 352 mounts it sits to close to the steering box. I saw the mounts that tbird430 shows on his post of 5/27/08 and I do not have those. I am thinking of modifying the frame crossbrace engine mounts to move the engine forward. Seems like I only need about 3/4 inch. Has someone did this. Thanks,

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    the guy I got my car from had put a 460 in it from a '73 Mercury Marquis, and also a C-6 transmission

    I'm sure this doesnt help you much, but I guess just about anything can be done when you have a torch and a welder....


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      I would just like to get it in without running into a lot of problems. Looks like I can just extend the original frame brackets about a inch. But I dont know if the hood will clear everything. Do I need to drop the engine any. I want to put a fan clutch on it with a 3 row radiator. If someone with a 430 could give me a measurement from the back of the right head to the firewall then I would know how far I have to move the engine. I do have the original trans mount to the mount bracket but not the bracket to the body so I dont know the correct engine mount angle, but I can figure that out. Guess thats what happens when you buy someone else's project. I think the guy I got it from just got overwhelmed. I've built a few cars and have found it is always good to get others ideas and help. Thanks.


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        I just today got my 430 in my 1960 had a 352 in it also. the 430 had the front T-Bird style mounts , so I took 5" of Model T frame rail and welded them to the T-Bird frame. I had the trans atached to the engine and in the stock 352 trans mount. So it is in the correct location. From the driver side head to the firewall is 10". this is from the flat ,lower part of the head. i will take a picture and send it to you if you give me your email. I used the 352 trans after I rebuilt it. I need a front dampner (on the crankshaft) for my 430. any idea where i can find one? hope this helps, Henry Scheffler, Harlan, Iowa.
        i need to tell you I was going to use the Ford type side mounts like you are using. I think if you use the 1958-1960 T-bird 352 mounts, it may work.


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          Originally posted by xolyman View Post
          ...If someone with a 430 could give me a measurement from the back of the right head to the firewall then I would know how far I have to move the engine...
          I hope this will help you. I couldn't get a direct measurement due to the plenum for the heater and AC.
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