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Windshield washer pump

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  • Windshield washer pump

    Hey Guys,
    I know they were junk when Ford put them on these Thunderbirds. But there is one on Ebay for sale!
    Item #150358968365 Check it out!
    Richard D. Hord

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    That is for a 60, it would not be correct for a 58/59. The 58/9 mount on the engine and the 60 mounts on the generator. Hawkrod



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      Not according to my parts book! All three years '58, '59 and '60 Thunderbird are all the same part number
      My bad they are some what different, the one on the left is for '58-'59. The one on the right is for '60. The '58 and '59 mount on the water pump, mechanics raise cain so Ford moved the '60 and mounted it to the generator with a worm clamp (over grown hose clamp)
      Richard D. Hord
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        Windshield washer pump

        As I remember Bart Como talking about his windshield washer pump, we were discussing whether or not it would work on my Rose... He said it would not, because his mounts on the generator and since I do not have a generator, there is no place to attach it so it would run properly... They may all three have the same part number, but, according to Bart, and what Hawkrod said, it does mount on the generator. And you are right. It really was a micky mouse way of doing it. That is the reason why most people trashed them, if they had problems with them.

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          They do not all have the same part number. The 58 and 59 with a 352 used a B8S-17664-A, the 59 with a 430 used a B9S-17664-A and the one in the auction is a 60 which was used on all V8 engines is a C0AE-17664-A. It is always important to remember that the books most people have are later versions of the replacement parts catalog and it will list the part as fitting something even if the car did not come with that part originally. When we restore cars we try and return them to the way they were built and so replacement parts that are not correct should never be used unless there is no alternative. Using the wrong parts defeats the point of restoring the car and paying premium prices for wrong parts is just plain absurd and yet it happens all the time because somebody did not know. In this case the seller is misrepresenting the part. He may not know the difference or he may not care but it is still an incorrect description. The problem is somebody who does not know better could see it and assume the description is correct and end up in a bidding war just to buy the wrong part! Hawkrod


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            Tom great point and thanks for taking the time to point that out to the members / guests. Too often the sellers, on these sites really don't know what they have and we need to do our " due diligence " before we invest our $$$
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              Didnt one version mount on the power steering unit ???

              Or would this rule out any non-power steering equipped car from having a washer pump??
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                Hey John,
                My friend has a '59 Thunderbird with a 430. Yes his was mounted to the steering pump!
                Richard D. Hord


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                  Originally posted by Richard D. Hord View Post
                  Hey John,
                  My friend has a '59 Thunderbird with a 430. Yes his was mounted to the steering pump!
                  Richard D. Hord

                  That's a new one in my book! Can we get any pics of this 1959 430cid Bird?

                  I was told in the past that the generator mounted washer system was also the Ford service "warranty replacement" for all 1958-60 352cid Birds.

                  I've seen a 2 owner 1958 352cid Bird with a generator mounted W/S unit too.

                  Makes us wonder, huh?
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